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Hi all. John here. I’m WEbook’s new in-house book maker and
editor. Before I get to the (much) more interesting stuff below, I wanted to
say a quick hello and introduce myself. As you might’ve already learned in the WEbook forums, I’ll be taking over for the venerable Melissa while
she finishes her latest masterwork, a mini-Melissa. Until she returns, I’ll be
keeping her seat warm as WEbook’s mascot-in-chief. I’ll be writing the blog,
giving feedback where I can, and shedding light on interesting projects (so
don’t hesitate to send something my way if the mood strikes ya). I go by
JohnnyWEbook and I think you’ll
find me the easygoing type, which means I’m always happy to hear from you with
suggestions, requests, or anything in between.

WoW! It's Pastelspring!

I can’t think of better WoW for my first blog post than pastelspring, one of the early
contributors to WEbook’s exciting new project, Jan 20, 2009. If you haven’t heard about it yet, Jan 20, 2009 is WEbook’s first “community-sourced history” and will take the
form of a short-essay collection about the inauguration of Barack Obama as the
44th President of the United States. We’re accepting essays (250-500
words) until midnight on January 21st, so there’s still time to
submit your own inauguration story for consideration. After submissions close
on the 21st, we’re going to stand on the gas and get the book
produced and available in just a few short weeks.

But we need contributions, especially like the one from pastelspring. Entitled “A
Day in History,” she talks about her feelings as she watched Barack Obama’s
acceptance speech on the night of the election. “As he chastised the boos for
McCain by his faithful supporters, I cried. He spoke in a fatherly way to the
crowd about John McCain's accomplishments. He quietly, with dignity, explained
that he would soon win the respect of not only his supporters, but also of his
critics…Yes, all is possible now.”

As a resident of Virginia, one of the more hotly contested
states in the 2008 election, pastelspring
had a unique view of the campaign. Because of that—and of course her poignant
essay—we thought she’d be the ideal candidate to field a few of our typically
hard-hitting questions:

Q: You live close
to D.C. Will you be going to the inauguration on Jan 20? Why or why not?

A: I live in
Virginia, but I will not be going to the inauguration. I would rather share it
with the working-class people in my small town. The enthusiasm they express is
invigorating to me.

Q: If you could
invent a new Presidential cabinet position for yourself, what would it be?

A: Hmmm.....If I
could invent a new Presidential cabinet position? Well, I would love something
along the lines of encouraging people of color with limitless possibilities
that have been unavailable in the past.

Q: If you could go back in time and
vote in any Presidential election, which would it be? Why?

A: I wouldn't go
back in time, I think this presidential election is the most significant and
exciting time in history.

Q: What was your most profound
moment on WEbook?

A: I think it was when I wrote of bi-polar
disorder and people of all ages responded positively! Very encouraging feedback
and nurturing expressions. I found strength in numbers.

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