WEbook Sends 101 Things to 101st Airborne


When Ryan Placchetti rotated back to the States after finishing a tour in Baghdad, he enrolled in West Chester University and began working towards a major in creative writing. One of his first efforts was “How to Fight a Bear,” the flagship essay of what became 101 Things Every Man Should Know How to Do. Ryan was coy about where he came up with the idea for the essay, but we figured that after a year in BaghdFlag_icecreamad there weren’t many animals that scared him anymore.

When Ryan heard that his old squad was set to return from Afghanistan in a few weeks, he thought it’d be nice if they had a welcome-home gift waiting for them. So WEbook sent a few complimentary boxes of 101 Things to Fort Campbell in Kentucky. Now, we don’t 
think that combat vets from the 101st Airborne need any advice on manliness, but we do think they’d get a kick out reading their old squad mate’s ideas on taking down alpha predators with his bare hands.

And who knows, maybe taking down bears is what the 101st does for fun?

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