WEbooker Daphne Uviller Shines at Borders Book Reading


We WEbookers were rapt at last night’s book reading at a NYC Borders book store by active member of the WEbook.com community, Daphne Uviller (pen name: Daphne).  

Daphne is on a whirlwind book tour promoting her second book and first novel, Super in the City.  Published by Bantam Dell and available in paperback, Super is an engaging story of Zephyr Zuckerman, who in her early 20s landed an unsolicited and undesired job as the superintendent of her parents’ Greenwich Village brownstone. As a rule, I don’t read reviews of books before I read them. I love the element of surprise, and I bought the book yesterday at the book reading/signing. If you want to know more about the book ahead of time, check out the reviews at BN.com.Daphne

My personal favorite snippet is this one:

“One should not simply read Super in the City; one should gobble it up like candy.”
-Elizabeth Gilbert, bestselling author of Eat, Pray, Love

In her short biographical comments last night, Daphne said she felt the book contained “Bits and thoughts and general effluvia of life.”  

What more do you need to know? The portions Daphne read last night were charming, sensitive, ironic, and, at times, very funny. I probably won’t gobble it up like candy. I will likely, instead, savor it like the middle portion of a Dunkin Boston Cream Donut.

Daphne has been working with WEbook in various ways (as an advisor, site member, and contributor to our next book, Jan 20 2009). She also shared her story of her breakthrough as a writer with WEbook.com in a terrific “My Start” piece.

Cheers, Daphne!

(pen name: Pinhigh)

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