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Tired of flowers and chocolates? Need a totally original idea for Valentine’s Day this year? How about writing your beloved a story? Cool, right? BETH67WV, our WEbooker of the WEek, certainly thought so when she started The V-Day Project. But here’s the catch: If you want to contribute, you can’t use the words “love,” “Valentine’s Day,” “heart,” “cupid,” “flowers,” “roses,” “candy,” and “February.” How’s that for original?

WEbook caught up with BETH67WV recently to get the scoop on her unusual project and find out how she fell in love with words. “Although I'd always found the idea of writing intriguing, I'd never actually tried to write until about a year ago,” she explains. “My fiancé had been deployed overseas and I'd begun blogging as a form of therapy and a way to occupy my time while he was away.”

Lucky for us, she found WEbook while searching for online writing courses—and the match was a perfect fit. “I’ve found so many good friends on WEbook that I no longer feel a need to find things to fill my time
while Patrick is away.”

Now, to that most curious of projects:

1) What inspired you to start The V-Day project?TheVDayProject_Cover
The main reason I felt compelled to start the project is because I am an incurable romantic at heart but, 
an article that had been submitted to the WTF? project had prompted several readers to leave feedback telling their own take on the holiday. Upon reading all the different views I thought it would be interesting to start a project about Valentine’s Day but, to make it a little difficult by banning the most common words associated with it.

2) If there was one thing you could change about Valentine’s Day, what would it be?

I hate the idea of waiting until this one designated day of the year to do something special for the one you love. I’d rather be surprised with a sweet, romantic notion any other day of the year. On Valentine’s Day we’ve come to expect our mates to buy us flowers, take us dancing or be otherwise overly romantic. It means more to me when Patrick does something special for me just because it’s Tuesday. I suppose I wouldn’t really change anything in particular about the day itself but, I just wish more people would put forth as much effort throughout the year to surprise each other with sweet nothings, instead of waiting until February 14th.

 3) What was the most romantic thing you’ve seen/heard/witnessed in the last year?

Although I myself am an incurable romantic, Patrick is not.  He’s more of the practical kind of romantic.  Not one to buy flowers or jewelry, he’s been known to surprise me with more practical and sincere things like a new stove complete with a big red bow, or spending his day off replacing my kitchen cabinets completely unannounced so as to surprise me when I got home from work.  When he was on his first deployment last year, he’d gotten online and ordered me an Irish Claddagh ring straight form Ireland, with the intention of surprising me with a proposal upon his return.  After he’d placed the order he realized he’d given our home address instead of his APO address where he was stationed so the ring was delivered straight to our house and arrived right on February 14th.  Even though it wasn’t intended to be a Valentine’s Day gift and, I didn’t get the proposal on bended knee, it was the most meaningful and unforgettable Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had.

4) For those who can’t spend the holiday with their significant other, what advice would you give for still trying to make it special?

First of all, I guess I really need to update my profile! Patrick actually left January 4, 2009 for his deployment.  There’s nothing easy about being a military spouse and, being separated from your loved one.  Today’s military families are afforded the luxuries of internet chatting and e-mail, and more frequent access to telephones to call home.  I don’t know how people survived during past wars, waiting weeks to receive a letter by snail mail. 

As for advice to those who are separated from loved ones on Valentine’s Day…Patrick and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day. As I said before, he does so many special and meaningful things for me throughout the year so; we don’t make a fuss over Valentine’s Day.  But, we work on keeping our relationship strong every day of every year.  While he’s deployed we make a point of chatting or emailing on a daily basis.  I send him a letter or card at least once a week, and a care package at least once a month.  And most importantly, we NEVER take each other for granted and, ALWAYS let each other know how much they’re loved and appreciated.

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