What's New on WEbook: Read Easier, Export to Word, My Start, and More


We launched a few nifty new features we think you'll like today. Here are the relevant highlights:

First, and most importantly, you can now read a project from start to finish in a much easier format. Check it out. Visit a project you like, click on "Read Book" link right under the book cover. It gives you the table of contents and each chapter in order. Eager to hear what you think.

Tools_Screengrab_HighlightSecond, and pretty much just as cool, if you have a project on WEbook and are the Project Leader, check out new in the "My Tools" menu (left side of your project page) the tool for exporting to Word. 
Hey...how many of you have asked us for that? Okay, maybe it took us a bit longer than you wished but...we really hope you like it. Tell us either way.

MyStart_GraphicThird, we added a new feature called "My Start," a soon-to-be assortment of breakthrough stories from published authors. So far just one writer, but if you have folks who might like to tell their story, we'd love 
to hear from them. Click on Toolbox tab and then on the "My Start” graphic.

Fourth, been here a while? Now everyone will know, even when they're not in the forums. Your "join date," the date you joined WEbook, now appears on your profile under your avatar.

Fifth, we changed the hammer compliment from "practical" to "helpful" since practical doesn't mean much and helpful does. Please use this sparingly since there may be a time when you will all really care if you are regarded as a 'helpful" feedbacker or not. More on that later!

Okay, I'm sure you don't care that our shopping cart now looks like something designed by someone older than 10, but we do. And there are a few other details you'll see.

In all, we hope this improves your experience (especially making it simpler to read others' work and give great feedback).

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-Sue (Pinhigh)

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