The WEbook Spring Vote is Fast Approaching!


On March 23rd—the first Monday of Spring—the submission period for the next WEbook Vote begins. If you plan to submit your project, now is the time for that last read or final polish. The submission period will last for two weeks—from March 23 to April 5—so don’t fret; there’s still time to get everything just right before the vote begins.

How do you know if your project is ready? At the very least, it must contain five entries (chapters for novels and memoirs; poems or essays for non-fiction projects). Don’t have a project you want to submit? Then encourage a WEbooker whose writing has left you in awe to enter their project.

The voting officially begins on April 6th and lasts for two weeks, ending on April 20th. We’ll do our best to spotlight projects of interest throughout the vote, so don’t hesitate to drop me a note if you think a fellow WEbooker's project is worthy.

Thanks, happy voting, and who knows—maybe your project will be the next published WEbook!

Checkout the winners from Vote 1 and Vote 2.

For more information about voting and publication at WEbook, please visit our FAQ.

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