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ZanneP takes her status as a Top Reviewer seriously. One of her projects—How to Get Feedback—is a step-by-step guide to the art of making WEbook work for you. In the introduction, she talks about the golden rule of feedback on WEbook—you’ve got to give to get—and how it didn’t quite work out for her at first. “To say I was disappointed with the outcome is a little bit of an understatement. I felt I had to wait a very long time before anybody looked at my work.”

She ultimately preserved by being patient—and persistent. But the experience had a profound effect. “I wanted to give a boost to the idea of feedback generating feedback. I also wanted to make sure that people value the reasons behind giving feedback, and why it is useful to the reviewer as well as—if not more than—the reviewed.” The latter idea is an “Aha!” moment for many a budding writer. After all, there is much to learn about your own writing when trying to help someone else improve theirs.

WEbook caught up with ZanneP and then proceeded to throw her a couple curveballs disguised as questions:

1) If you could give any non-writer in the world some feedback on their “work,” who would it be and what would you say?
I thought you said these questions were simple? Non writer—gosh—that’s hard. Ummm–I’d love to be 
able to give feedback to politicians but I don’t really believe I would be any better than the present incumbents—without knowing all the facts, budgets etc. I’m actually amazed anything ever gets done to be honest with all the opposition they get. Right, I’m going to choose Liverpool Football Club manager Rafael Benitez. I would say that he has done a brilliant job so far this season, but he’s tailing off and needs to stay focused. All this talk about whether he’s leaving or not is upsetting the fans as well as the players, so stay—Liverpool FC needs you!!! Oh, and good luck in their match against Real Madrid.

2) When was the last time you said yes to something you didn’t want to do and what was it?
I never say yes to anything I don’t want to do.

3) If you could only eat and/or drink one thing while you write, what would it be and why?
Definitely coffee—because it’s strong, hot and black...

4) What was the last new word you learned and how did you use it in a sentence?
Hmmm—this is going to sound silly, but in a forum here on WEbook the word ‘douche’ was mentioned. I knew it meant ‘shower’ in French, but I did realize there was another meaning, although it eluded me. I used it in a sentence by writing: “I think my favorite word is ‘douche’ right now."

Or something like that.

5) What five pieces of advice would you give to someone new on WEbook?

Well, most people seem to want feedback so I would say:
1. Read my project How to Get Feedback
2. Read WEbook's Guide to Feedback
3. Read the forum headings carefully before posting any threads—particularly when requesting feedback and make sure you post in the correct place
4. Don’t post the same message in every forum just to get feedback
5. Have fun!

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