WEbooker of the WEek is “Waiting for the Mailman” (and Your Vote!)


Since we’re now
two whole days into the submission period for the Spring Vote, I decided that
the WEbooker of the WEek absolutely had to be someone entering their project in
the vote. And though I found a very worthy WEbooker to
spotlight—FaithAnneLove—I had no idea how many I’d have to choose from (as of
this morning , there are already 180 project submitted!).

FaithAnneLove’s novel, Waiting for the Mailman, is a story that actually started out as a poem or, er, turned into a poem on its way to something else. “It really began
with an image: a lonely old woman waiting for something,” she explains. “Then
it developed into an image of her waiting for a letter.”

From whom, you
ask? A lost love? A missing family member? Hint: Yes, a family member. But who? A
father, a daughter? (If you want to know more you’re going to have to check out
the project…and maybe even give it your vote!)

After catching up
FaithAnneLove about Waiting for the Mailman, we got to the
meat-and-potatoes stuff, i.e. our usual bevy of hard-hitting, nowhere-to-hide

1) What is the
most memorable thing you did over the weekend?

It all started
out as taking a nap with my two-year-old daughter who was sick, but then my
husband came in to lay down with us. He turned on the TV because he wanted to
watch NASCAR, but muted it out of courtesy to us. Five minutes later, my seven-year-old daughter, who was overtired from spending the night at her cousin's
house, came into the room and asked to lay with us. It was all so cute and we
all did end up napping...but we only have a twin bed!

2) If you become
a rich and famous writer, what will you do to continue 
helping aspiring

The same thing I
do now: give feedback on WEbook, and lots of it!

3) What word do
you overuse most in your writing (but just can't stop because you love it)?

I don't really
think I do that though for some reason there are a few phrases I love to use in
poetry: decadence descending and rosebud awaken.

4) Who do you
want to win March Madness (AKA the NCAA basketball Tourney)?

Umm...I like
high school and pro ball; I don't pay too much attention to college basketball. Go my hometown! Go Miami Heat!

About the Vote

If you’re
planning to enter your project in the vote, but aren’t quite ready, there’s
still time. The submission period began yesterday and doesn’t end until
midnight on April 5th. At which point, all the projects entered will
be locked and voting will begin on April 6th, ending at midnight on
April 19th.

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