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WoW_button_1 The WEbook Vote marches on, and this WEek's WEbooker is one of the top contenders to become the next published WEbook author. With less than 24 hours before voting closes, In Case of Emergency Please Notify: Orlando Bloom is slugging it out with hundreds of other books -- and it's more than holding its own. The book is funny, engaging, and original -- but what about the author, WEbooker of the WEek Wooster?

When it comes to writing, Wooster has serious street cred. She's
an Australian freelance journalist who writes magazine
features on any and all genres that you can think
of. Wooster does her fair share of serious journalism, but she's
drawn towards lighter, quirkier subjects. She has covered the pet
funeral industry and female bodybuilding competitions, and she's written an expose on the
Mod subculture, scooters and all. What kind of writer is she, in a nutshell? Says Wooster, "I'd rather be Tom Wolfe or
Hunter S. Thompson than Woodward or Bernstein."

Wooster makes journalism sound so fun, I decided to dabble in a little investigative reporting myself, and asked the newest WoW some very tough questions about writing, life, and everything in between.

Wooster Q: Your book
In Case of Emergency Please Notify: Orlando Bloom is up for the WEbook Vote. The narrator is a sassy teenage girl -- "Bridget Jones'
younger sister" -- who writes in an endearing off-the-cuff style,
including lots of contemporary shorthand and slang. What did you enjoy
the most about bringing this character to life? What was most

A: What's not to love? She is the real us (well, okay, the real me): self-obsessed, bitchy, deluded. I've learned to hide these aspects of myself, as do
most people, but when you are a teen it's all out there in glorious,
technicolor show. Actually, the character is based on my younger sister
who could bitch for Australia. She puts me to shame.

It was terrific to
bring her to life because she is a great comedy vehicle. She is a bit
of an archetype that people can recognize. Because she is writing
in her diary, she is allowed to be even more honest. I'm sadly not a
teen anymore -- in body anyway -- so the challenging part was to get the
teen-speak right. I had to read my fair share of teen mags and also
consulted with people of a certain age. My main purpose in writing
this was to give readers of all ages consistent laughs. I'm a lover of
great comedy writing and I want to have a giggle when I read. I don't
do soul-searching or angst...just funny.

Q: Which character in your book do you most strongly identify with?

A: The
girl, of course! Everyone thinks of themselves as the main character,
don't they? My teen years, although behind me some considerable way,
are still fresh. I still remember the powerful 'best friend'
friendships that are the center of your life. They turn pear-shaped at
the drop of a hat, and then suddenly all is forgiven. Meanwhile, you
treat your family as if they are the complete dregs. The pop star/actor
obsession is of course mandatory for a teen, and more than a little time
consuming, but what else are you gonna do -- homework?

Q: Do you have any writing quirks? (Food you like to eat while writing; strange fidgets or compulsive behaviors; etc.)

I like a bit of peace and quiet.

I like to be close to horizontal. 

I like a continuous supply of treat and snacks.

I like to have the sun filtering gently but warmly through the blinds.

I like the room to be completely neat.

it any wonder my output is torturously slow? I spend a great deal of
time fluffing the pillows, lining up the snacks, and making sure the
weather is conducive.

Q:What's your favorite word? Use it in a sentence!

Publish, as in, "We want to publish your book."

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