Results from the Spring 2009 Vote


here. As many of you know, I’m the Managing Editor and resident book maker atWEbookVoteButton WEbook. Along with
Melissa, William (TsungChi), and the rest of the staff here at WEbook, we’ve
been hotly debating the voting cycle that ended a few weeks ago. I’m writing to
share our thoughts and open a discussion.

We looked at all
400+ projects in the vote and believe that the two books most ready for
publication are Five, by RikScott and In Case of Emergency: Please Notify
Orlando Bloom
, by wooster. Both projects are excellent efforts. Unlike past
winners, however, we are hesitant to publish either title in its current form.
We have contacted RikScott and wooster about working with them to revise their
manuscripts with the intention of reconsidering their projects for publication
at a later date.

Honorable mention
goes to the following books: Right Hand Up to God, by CallumC; Waiting for the
, by FaithAnneLove; and Coming Up for Air, by elsewhere. Each book is
compelling in different ways, but they ultimately fall short in terms of
readiness for publication and/or potential in the marketplace. The authors of
these projects deserve congratulations as well, as do all the participants in
the vote. Your hard work and dedication fuels our mission of making WEbook the
most dynamic place on the Web to write, to read, and to rub elbows with people
who are passionate about great literature in all forms.

Going forward,
we’re going to significantly alter the voting process. Thanks largely to your
ongoing suggestions, we’ve got some ideas in the works about how to do this.
However, we need to hear (more) from you. To facilitate the discussion, we’ve
opened a new forum where I'll jump in from time to time.

Together, we
believe we can continue to make the voting process fair, friendly, and even
more capable of attracting and encouraging the type of work that inspired us to
become fans of great writing in the first place.


To see detailed results of the vote, click here.
To find out more about the WEbook vote, click here.

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