WEbooker of the WEek, Mother's Day Edition


WoW_button_1 Happy Mother's Day, WEbook. What better way to honor moms than to pick a real, live WEbook mother to be WEbooker of the WEek?

Cindi_Greene was introduced to WEbook by her daughter, former WoW Rebecca_Grey (who is also a new mother -- of twins!). What's it like to be one half of a mother-daughter WEbooking team? To find out this and more, I asked Cindi_Greene a few probing questions.

Q: What's the brief story of your life, including your history with writing?

A: I've lived all over the world since
graduating high school. Ijoined the army when I was 25, and remained
in the military for 11 years. I had my daughter, Rebecca, in that time
frame.  I have lived my life to the fullest, or as much as I possibly
could. I raised my daughter on my own and tried to instill in
her  qualities to help her live and learn as I've tried to do. I've
had a few hard knocks but always try to learn from my mistakes.

started writing in my senior year of high school in a creative writing
class and fell in love with this type expression of my thoughts. But
it has only been over the last five or six years that I have taken it
seriously. When I took another creative writing class in California I
realized I wanted to see how far I could go and how much I
could learn. I started to write a novel based somewhat on my life and
will be finishing it soon.

Q: In your profile, you mention that Stephen King is your favorite
writer. What do you like best about his books?

A: Stephen King has a way of drawing his
readers in. I read Carrie when I was 17 and have been reading him ever
since.  He talks to his readers -- he calls them "The Constant Reader" -- and it
is like he is telling you a story. He has an easy way about him, and it
is very seldom that I want to just get past the boring part, because for
me there is no boring part.  He knows how to tell a story and make it

Q: You lead a project called The Wee Books, which any WEbooker
can contribute to. For those who haven't come across it yet, what's the
idea behind
The Wee Books? Why did you choose this format instead of
traditional short stories?

A: Ahh, The Wee Books. I love this project! It
is so much fun. I had been on this site for a couple of months and saw
all the projects for short stories and remembered something from my
creative class -- building the suspense to a peak and then ending it all
within the story. Well, I thought, what if there is a word limit and
within that limit you write a story in five parts? Writers have to find the starting
place and the peak, and then bring it to climax. It allows the writer to
use the word limit to find the rhyme and reason to the story and still
stay within set guidelines. It has taught me to think about the
story and to make it draw the reader in so they will want to go to the
next part.  I've had to rewrite a couple of my own stories because they
didn't tell the story the way I had intended.

Q: Happy Mother's Day! Your daughter, former WoW Rebecca_Grey,
introduced you to this site. She's a new mom, too -- of twins, no less!
What's it like having a daughter who is also a writer? Did your own
mother encourage you to write? Having kids certainly decreases the
amount of time a mom is able to spend writing -- are there any
advantages to being both a mom and a writer?

A: Yes, I am very
proud of my daughter Rebecca. It is pure joy to be around
her little girls. As for her writing, well, she humbles me. She is
amazing in her own right and I honestly feel she will be published one
day. She is one of my hardest and best critics. I go to her first to
critique my work because I know she will tell me the honest truth. I
try to do the same for her. And usually what she suggests is on the

I didn't start really becoming involved in writing
until after my mother passed away. She did like to sketch and
my father was a singer, so there is a lot of creativity running through
my veins and Rebecca's. I think writing is one of the greatest outlets
to voice your emotions. I used to write a lot of free
verse poetry and then I turned to writing stories. Being a mother has
given me tons of material to write about, as it will Rebecca. She will
find her niche to work on her stories as she gets her own schedule
going but being a new grandmother has given me insight into a new world
and with that comes great anecdotes to write about some of which are in
Glimpses of My Future.

Q: What is the best Mother's Day gift you've ever received?

A: I would have to say this year was the
best Mother's Day to date. Rebecca and I got to have a nice brunch
together and catch a movie sans twins and because she is my best friend
we had a great time. 

Q: Who is your favorite Mom character from literature?

A: My favorite mother would have to me
Marmee March from Little Women. She was a strong woman and tried to
teach her children in the ways of the world -- which is all any of us
really want to do, don't we?

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