Got Lookout? WEbook Launches "Lookout Maneuver" Video Challenge


My 91-year-old grandmother is always on the lookout for "suspicious" things: digital cameras, self-service checkout at the grocery story, teenagers riding skateboards in her neighborhood. 

Boomer Lookout, the prairie dog hero of WEbook's new novel, The Legend of Vinny Whiskers, is always  on the lookout as well. He comes from a line of "Lookouts" charged with keeping watch for suspicious things lurking around his prairie dog home. To be successful, he must perfect his family's Lookout Maneuver, a quirky combination of tummy tucking, chest puffing, and neck craning.

Now WEbook is on the lookout -- for the best Lookout Maneuverers around. To find them, we've launched the Lookout Maneuver Challenge. Here's how it works: 1) Practice your lookout technique; 2) grab your video camera; 3) film (safely at home or daringly in your community) your best Lookout Maneuver; 4) submit your version as a video response here on YouTube.

For inspiration, you may want to position yourself near suspicious things for which we should all be on the lookout. For Boomer, it's birds and rats and humans. For me, it's in-laws.

Winner earns a signed copy of Vinny Whiskers by author Gregory Kemp and a $100 gift certificate to (and a possible trip to the chiropractor for neck kinks).

Good "look."

Sign-up for WEbook today to start writing, reading, feedbacking...and looking out!

- TsungChi

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