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WoW_button_1 Most of us would be happy to write one book, in one language. For this WEek's WEbooker, Miz_YouNeek, that would be far too boring. Miz_YouNeek -- known as Fisayo, or "Fizzy," IRL -- is working on five books on WEbook. They're all written in English, but it would be possible for Miz_YouNeek to write each of those five books in a different language -- she also speaks German, Japanese, French, and Yoruba. And she's only 14 years old!

To find out more about this remarkable young writer, WEbook asked a few tough questions:

Miz_youneek Q: What is the brief story of your life, including your history with writing?

A: I was born in
Nigeria and I moved to London when I was 7. I started being sort of a
bookworm at around that age as well -- in fact, you never saw me without a
book in my hand, and as I got older I was intrigued by more and more
books. At the moment I think I have read almost all the romantic books in the junior fiction section of my school library. Then I started
thinking, I would love people to read something of mine, so I started
writing and progressed from there. I hope one of my books becomes a

Q: In the introduction to your project Pressure, you write,"I've included
a lot of familiar people within my life into this book but have changed
their names." Has anyone you know ever recognized
themselves in something you wrote? If so, what was their reaction? How
do you think you would feel if you ever came across a character in a
book that you thought might be based on you?

A: Actually, yes, I do
believe some of my friends guessed that some of the characters'
personalities in my book Pressure were based on their own. Some were
shocked, happy, and one or two were practically jumping over the
moon. If I ever came across a book that was based on me by an author I
didn't know of, I would be shocked and then investigate. But I guess I
really wouldn't mind if what was written about me was not insulting.

Q: You have a lot
of unfinished novels on WEbook! (I count at least five.) How do you manage to keep so many projects
straight in your head? When you sit down to write, how do you decide
what to work on?

A: Hmmm,
yes. A few people have asked me about that. It's just that Pressure was my first ever book and sometimes when I read other books or
watch movies, a new idea for a different book comes into my head and
blocks the flow of Pressure. So I have to scribble it down somewhere
and then continue with Pressure. I listen to my heart and the
occasional voices in my head, when I sit down and decide to write. I
also let my imagination run wild.

Q: You speak five languages! If you could speak one more, what would it be, and why?

A: Yes,
I do speak five languages, but  English, German, and Yoruba more
fluently. I need to brush up on my Japanese and French. If I could
speak one more language, I guess it would have to be Arabic, because I
was born a Muslim, but I'm only just learning about the religion now. I would like to learn more about it as soon as possible.

Q: If you could have dinner with a fellow WEbooker of your choice, who would it be, and what would you talk about?

A: Ooh,
this is a tricky one. I would probably choose Beauty_Within, because
she seems like a very fun and kind person. We would talk about books
and anime, because I've noticed we have those two things in

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