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WoW_button_1 If you're looking for colorful language, colorful characters, and colorful situations, lisaflint, this WEek's WEbooker, has you covered. The folks lisaflint writes about often sound like they stepped right off the set of a sitcom, minus the polished grammar and powdered noses. The big surprise? Every one of lisaflint's characters exists in real life. To find out what it's like to live with such rollicking personalities, WEbook asked lisaflint a few tough questions.

Q: What's the brief story of your life, including your history with writing? 

A: First off, aside from my life's goal of making it on Oprah and being one of
her book club suggestions, I've wanted to be WEbooker of the
, and that's god's honest truth right there! 

I'm a mom
of two outstanding daughters, the meemaw of one awesome grandson, and
I have a fantabulous godson named Tylan, who has called me Happy Day from
the time that he was able to speak. How lucky can a person be to be
someone's Happy Day every day of their life?

My writing comes
straight from my mind to my fingers. What really started my writing
was my friend in high school, Shelly. She would beg me to make up
stories about these two dream guys we went to school with but never had
the courage to actually speak to.
Then my friend David and I started competing against each other to see
who could out-write the other in naughty teen story telling.

Q: You write a lot about the American south,
yet you are a mid-westerner. Do you think you may have been a southerner
in a past life?

A: I
believe I ran a whorehouse in my past life, and one in the deep
south. I wasn't pretty enough to be a whore, but I ran a tight ship
and my girls did a good service. The mid-western thing in this life
was to pay back some karmic debt I owed. I believe I'm paid up.

Q: Your writing is filled with colorful characters from your real life.
For those WEbookers who haven't read your work yet, tell us a little
something about these folks. Have you experienced any complications as
a result of writing about people you know?

A: Every person I write
about is truly real. Even the names of the people are real. When I
write, I want the reader to feel as if they have met this person
or know people exactly like that, only in their part of the world.

only person to give me grief about my writings was my sister-in-law.
I've offered to pay for the surgery to have the stick removed from her
butt when I make it big, but she seemed to not appreciate the offer. Other than that, Miss Lou is my biggest focus. She gives me lots to
write about and calls me all the time to mention things I should write
about. Then there's my family, but I don't have it in me to write all
about them just yet.

Q: In your writing, the grammar, spelling, and punctuation is not always perfect. What's your defense? 

A: I write like I talk, I don't abuse my spell checker, and I may have a case of undiagnosed Attention Deficit Disorder.

do have a lot of friends who say they would enjoy reading more if books weren't so full of words they don't understand. I don't want readers to feel intimidated by my writings,
I want them to feel like they are reading a book that talks just like
they do. In the real world, people who read aren't scanning a book for
the proper grammar or punctuation. My books could be a two-fold experience: You can enjoy the story, while seeing how many errors you can find. I'm
sure to the educated reader, my stories are painful to get through, but
I'm just a regular girl with a desire to be a fine story-teller.

Thank god I found WEbook! My favorite haunting grounds are in the WTF series, where my WEbook family is giving me the proper nudges. It's taking some time for me to soak it all up, but I promise I will give
them their own acknowledgments when my first book, Blue Rinse &
Common Sense
, is published.

Q: What's your favorite midnight snack? 

A: Cake icing and dill pickle juice.

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