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WoW_button_1 WEbook is a community of writers, so the new Community Storytelling Forum seems like a no-brainer. One person starts a story, and other writers contribute 500 words a piece until it's done. No feedback, no criticism, no discussion -- just writing, tag-team style. Sounds pretty fun, right? But it takes guts to be the first person to jump in, start a story, and let other people finish it. That's why this WEek's WoW badge goes to A_Netz, initiator of the first community story in the forum. Be sure to check out the story -- if you feel inspired, you can contribute, or even start a new story of your own! But first, let's get to know the newest WEbooker of the WEek.

Q: What's the brief story of your life, including your history with writing?

A: I
was born in New South Wales, Australia but I moved up and down the east coast a lot
during my childhood. Apart from that my life has been relatively
uneventful. I come from a fairly big family and aside from the annual
family holiday I haven't traveled much. I have been writing in my
spare time for as long as I can remember. I find I can express myself
better in writing. I have always suffered from low self esteem though
and would rarely share my work with anyone. But I found if I wanted to
sharpen my skills I had to get past that to seek constructive feedback,
and that is what led me to WEbook.

Q: You started WEbook's first
Community Story in the Community Storytelling Forum. What's it like
sharing a story with other writers?

A: It was hard to come up with a concept that I was
willing to let go of. Most writers, I believe, guard their ideas
because when we have them we see where we want the story to go, how we
want the characters portrayed, and we want to write it. However, that
being said, I feel this is an extremely useful writing exercise and
that is why I wanted to contribute. When I started it I had ideas of
things I would like to happen during the story and I thought I would
come back and make those things happen but it has gone in quite an
unexpected direction. The different perspectives many people can have
on the one idea never ceases to amaze me.

Q: Several of your
books-in-progress involve schools and teachers. Who was your favorite
teacher, and what was the most important thing he/she
taught you?

A: The one teacher that
made the most difference to me was a teacher I had in primary school. I
remember clearly the day he asked everyone in the class what they
wanted to be when they grew up and I said an author. He was a
straight-talker and proceeded to tell me how difficult it would be. It
drove me to keep trying and I now have a book published. He was a
unique teacher who had a way of giving life lessons. One of the most
important things he ever taught me was to never sign anything without
reading it.

Q: You have quite a few books underway on the
site. Which one is your main focus right now? How do you balance
working on more than one project at a time?

A: I just finished the
first Shadow Link novel and would really love to get more feedback on
it. So far the comments have been really positive. I never really
thought about it being a balancing act to work on more than one project
at a time. I simply work on the story that I have an inspiration for.

Q: What was the first story you ever wrote?

A: The
first story that I can remember was one about an ant who went into
space and how he sneaked onto the rocket ship and his adventures while he
was out there.

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