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WoW_button_1 Hello WEbookers! My name is Emily and I’m one of the summer interns here at the WEbook. I’m covering for Melissa this week for the WEbooker of the WEek, er, this week. (Whoa, that was awkward!)

While WEbook poets are busy soaking up their 15 minutes of fame, we decided to bring a prolific novelist into the spotlight. As a Midwestern mother of a two-year old, it’s a wonder that WEbooker ArtemisX5 finds the time to produce a multitude of projects – many of contain over twenty chapters! Her fans are devout and always waiting for the next major plot twist. She has classified the majority of her writing as “romance” or “teen,” bringing those awkward, yet enthralling adolescent “rites of passage” to life in her addictive narratives. This week, we sat down with ArtemixX5 to find out a little bit more about the girl behind the pen name.

What’s the brief story of your life, including your history with writing?

I was born and raised in Wisconsin, and I have a deep affection for the Midwest. I love that pretty much everyone around here suffers from a massive inferiority complex. We know we’re behind the times with fashion, food, and every other trend on the planet. But we don’t know what to do about it, so we just go about our business being polite to each other and producing memorable things like beer, cheese and serial killers. As for me, I’m a bit of a cliché. I married my high school sweetheart, I live in the suburbs and I have a two-year-old son. I watch too much TV, I eat cookies while I work out, and I type very loudly—according to my husband. On the plus side, none of that really bothers me, as I am easy-going to the point of a near-comatose state.Artemisx5-avatar

Oh yeah, we were talking about writing. The first story I have a clear memory of writing was when I was nine. I couldn’t tell you anything about it, other than the fact that it featured a secret passage. I’ve written almost continuously since then, some of it concentrated into stand-alone novels. In graduate school, I stumbled into an on-line relationship with a very talented reader and editor. She taught me the in’s and out’s of grammar in fiction, and was the first person to help me focus on those precious elements of good storytelling, like character motivation, believability, the arc and shape of actions vs. quiet moments…. I could wax poetic about Sallie for a long time.

Since then, I was lucky enough to find WEbook. Here, I’ve met some of the most talented and enthusiastic writers I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. It has been an absolute godsend to me. I cannot overestimate the power and thrill of near-instant feedback. I’m addicted and this is one vice I’m hanging onto. (Ew! A dangling preposition!  I can’t believe I did that in an interview!)

On average, how long does it take you to complete a novel or short stories?

If I’ve really attached to an idea, I’d say about six weeks for a novel. Short stories are usually just a day or two. My latest project, Last Call is taking longer because I haven’t figured out my characters quite yet. I know I’ll hit the tipping point soon, but right now I feel like I’m wading through pudding. I wish I had more time to write everyday!

You incorporate an immense amount of dialogue into your novels. In fact, We Should Meet is written entirely in dialogue! Would you ever write a dialogue-free story?

At this point, I’d say “no.” I like to think that I’m growing as a writer, so maybe someday I’ll be ready to take off the training wheels and do something dialogue-free, but right now, it’s my safety zone. I’ve been criticized for using too much dialogue, but I love it. I love two sharp minds engaged in a verbal dance. This probably means that I talk too much. Hmm…

When you’re writing an extensive narrative like A Game of Risk, do you outline the plot beforehand or let the story unfold naturally?

Ah, yes…A Game of Risk…a.k.a. The Epilogue that Would Not Die. I originally intended to stop after  Book 1, but then I found myself wondering about what might happen to Gwen and Jack next. So, I wrote an epilogue. I kept adding to the epilogue until it was about 1000 pages long. I took that as a sign that there was more story to tell. It was largely through the encouragement of my awesomely loyal WEbook readers that I kept reworking parts of the existing epilogue and posting more and more of the story here. Seven volumes later…there it was. I guess what I’m saying is, I let it unfold naturally. 

According to your profile, your lifelong dream is to have the ability to teleport. If your wish was granted, where would you teleport to?

Oh my gosh, I would teleport everywhere. I mean it—everywhere! I could sleep until five minutes before I had to be at work! I could go on vacation every weekend and still come home at night to sleep in my own bed. I’d never have to pack! I would visit my friends all over the world just for dinner, or even on their lunch breaks. I wouldn’t have a car. If you’ve ever seen the movie Jumper, that’s what I want it to be like. You know, except without the forces of evil pursuing me and trying to steal my powers.

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  1. It's about time! W00t! Congrats to ArtemisX5!

  2. Hullo Ken,
    Nice to meetcha! LOL
    Well!... (stop draggin'your feet warrior and just dive in! sheesh!) OK! I am a "Poet" NOno! do NOT hit that "delete" button just yet, please Ken! I have myrriad (sp?) ok, a whole "buncha" questions for ya, but I'm going to spread them out alright? Thought you might appreciate that! (lmbo) My first is:"Are poets, or should I say - aspiering poets - really every editors' worst nightmare?" (I know that 'editors' ARE mine!)Are there 'poetic agents' out there somewhere? Or is that an oxymoron?I am even going to demonstrate the last part of that word for you and "inflict" a poem I wrote about it, upon yer agust self govna' wot? (sorry, I really CAN'T help it!) The ONLY other thing I ask is when you're done reading this, WAIT at least five minutes, before calling the "white coats" and prolly Melissa too. Ok? That sould give me enough of a head start! Thanx in advance! ROTF!
    They're Kidding!
    by Warriorwitch (AKA Raven Wilkie)
    (c)copyright circa 2009
    All Rights Reserved
    Emotionally involved
    is my poetry!
    So say it's not true,
    what you're asking me!
    FIFTY! You demand,
    not one poem less!
    You're kidding, I shreak!
    Lord what a mess!
    When will I eat ...
    or lay down to rest?
    Can they not see,
    how horrible the test?
    Why, oh why,
    is this so?
    For on my butt
    moss will grow!
    My boyfriend says:
    "You'd best get busy!"
    "Oh GAWD!" I say:
    "I'm gettin DIZZY!"
    On my horizon,
    I can see it loom ...
    a nervous breakdown -
    oh GOD! I'm doomed!
    Now I know,
    the reason why ...
    poets aren't famous,
    untill they die!

  3. and I HAD to put that" wowe" in at the end there to get it to take the post! lololol The "reason", if any, lmao is somting,I'm SURE, only known to the gods' of cyberspace!!!

  4. OOPS! HELLA BIG OOPS! this was supposed to be for ken! GAWD im sorry! (warrior u dumb ass!!) I beg pardon please forgive........oh just SHUP WARR!


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