SPMount Wins "So, How Was Your Weekend?" with "Glassy Eyed"


WEbook's new weekly weekend writing competition was a hit! Included in the submissions last week were stories about bear encounters, backwoods country diners, and stand-up paddle boarding in Hawaii. All were fine submissions, but one was too irresistible to pass up. Read on to see why SPMount was too "high" to notice that he was being vandalized...

SPMountAvatar Glassy Eyed
by SPMount

My new addiction gives me such a high.

I really shouldn't stay up; late on a Friday night; running my own shop; I do anyway; I can't help myself.

In fact it's getting worse; I’m succumbing to the delights it offers on a nightly basis. Probably,  I think, it's a hallucinogenic ... certainly I see spots; stars; all sorts of weird visions ... in front, and to the side, of my eyes ... but then I do do it all night long.

It's interfering with my work ... but who cares? It makes me really happy. I don't give a crap that I look sallow; drawn; all the other things a drug infested night can display on the skin; the hair.

I was going to call it quits; at least try to sleep - despite wild imaginings; the kaleidoscope swirling inside my over-active mind - I decided to go out on the back deck; stare at the blackness of the mountains; enjoy a smoke - always a nice way to bring me down; a relaxing antidote to the euphoria of my main drug.

Then it happened; it wasn't imagined; quite distinctly; a tremendous banging. My mind wasn't playing tricks now; this was real. My induced high didn't need a smoke; chamomile tea, to bring me down; to relinquish me to the sandman.

My body froze; numbed; a massive crash happened; lightning after the thunder.

Police told me; unless I’d seen the drunkard actually kick my window; not just bleeding on the ground, before staggering away quicker than perhaps alcohol should permit, they wouldn't be able to charge him.

Why couldn't I be high for one more minute? Had I stayed where I was; savoring the drug, I would’ve stopped the second kick; gotten to bed before 5am.

Why ... couldn't I have ‘WeBooked’ sixty seconds more?


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  1. I loved every second of your kaleidoscopic, writing frenzied and WEbook addictive Friday night. Sorry about the vandalism. But us WEbookers know that the pen is truly mightier than the sword so consider your blog your retaliation (and catharsis!) Oh and if you decide to start a support group for addicted WEbookers, I'll be the first to join!
    Jayne Bonilla
    Shirt for Dessert

  2. Thank you Jayne. It really was a high to see my name on the blog this week. Not quite the experience you had with your book signing last week, but certainly, it gave me, at least, some indication as to what you must have felt; making my heart thump a little bit more than normal.
    ps; no time for a support group ... must write ... gotta write ... gotta go!

  3. Ah yes, that addition is one that spreads like wildfire or perhaps swine flu...fever and chills, a need that can only be satisfied by scratching it with the pen you keep handy to jot down some quick note before diving into the pool again; and which webooker floats and which one sinks? Ah, ah ah, it's the twilight zone of webookland.


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