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After much covert programming and the lost sanity of more than one engineer, WEbook is proud to present the beta version of AgentInbox, a new author-to-agent service that connects publication-ready writers with AgentInbox_Beta_Logo_2reputable literary agents.

At WEbook, we know that the process of finding a literary agent can be confusing, especially for the uninitiated. When are you ready to pitch an agent? How do you find a good one? What elements need to be in your query letter? Should you pitch more than one agent at a time?

Enter AgentInbox, an online submission “wizard” designed to take the mystery out of finding — and landing — the perfect agent for your book.

With AgentInbox, you can:


Here’s how it works:

  • Registration is fast, easy, and free. If you’re already a WEbook member and you’ve got a completed fiction manuscript or a non-fiction proposal, just sign in and get started on your author profile. Not sure if you’re ready? Check out our tutorials.

  • Next, enter your book’s vital stats, including the title, genre, query letter, and part or all of your manuscript or non-fiction proposal. You can save your info and return at any time.

  • You’ll be matched only to agents who are currently looking for projects in your genre. Only the agents you select will see your work and only those interested will contact you directly.

  • WEbook will run a quick flight check on your submission to makes sure it meets basic submission standards, then you’re on your way!

So, are you ready? AgentInbox is! Thanks to the perseverance of those aforementioned WEbook engineers, a starter crop of participating leading agents (with more to come!) and now, you — we’re all set to launch.


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  1. HI I need an agent

  2. I have a question about this, are there agents available out side of the US, that we can get using the Agent Inbox?

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