AgentInbox Video Roundup


Cowboy lasso A lot's been going on with AgentInbox lately, all of it exciting. We thought it would be helpful to do a quick re-cap of all the latest happenings. So grab your lasso (or your mouse) and let's wrangle some video clips.

Check out our first AgentInbox success story, Corey Whaley. Listen to Corey and his new agent, Ken Wright, as they tell the amazing story behind Corey's book getting sold to Simon & Schuster (video produced in-house)

Second, we've got the AgentInbox commercial, where you can watch Scott Waxman crush his slush. It will give you a glimpse into how the service benefits the agent's side of the querying process. And it's really funny!

Go here to learn more about AgentInbox, see a list of our participating agents, or check out more WEbook videos on our YouTube channel!

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