V-Day Writing Challenge Results


Happy Heart Day WEbook!

IStock_000009349642Small We received over fifty submissions to our Valentine’s Day writing challenge. You guys wrote lots of fantastic love notes, and the WEbook editorial staff reviewed them all with open hearts!

Here are our top three picks, all of which displayed great creativity and style. Each writer received a coupon code good for one free submission to PageToFame.

Drum roll please…

#1. “For You” by HeatherCummings
#2. “When We Were Children” by gabi_rader
#3. “Lost Honeymoon” by AndrewStorm

Since there were so many good submissions, we also decided to include a few honorable mentions:

HM #1: “Wonders Knows” by Holdanigono
HM #2: “Littlest Valentine” by zrinka

Another contest comes your way...

Don’t see your name up here? Don’t despair! WEbook is throwing another writing contest your way with The One Syllable Writing Challenge. Submit by adding a chapter to the WEbook project, and our editorial staff will pick the top three winners and award them PageToFame coupon codes. So get writing!

But first, check out the winning poems!

“For You” by HeatherCummings
On cold winter nights I'd brave a blizzard to come and stock your fire.
From the turnpike of life I'd rescue you, if ever you flattened a tire.
I'd retrieve for you a tang of blue or starfish from the reef.
A rose to combat every pain, a kiss to dispel grief.
I'd give you the shirt right off my back, a flannel to keep you warm.
A dream for your heart, a song for your lips, an umbrella to weather the storm.
A stone from the peak of Kilimanjaro, a shell from Maui's sands,
Dust from the surface of the moon, or trinkets from distant lands
I could give you all these things and more, but Darling don't you see.
In all the world what I long to give you most...is me.

“When We Were Children” by gabi_rader

When we were children
We thought seven-11 was cool.
We drank Tang and got hyped up on sugar.
We ate applesauce because we'd rather not waste time chewing.
When we were children
We played in blizzards and made snow men in other people's yards.
We wouldnt be caught dead using hand-sanitizer.
We would hide our flannel jackets and wear grimy sweat pants instead.
But when we were children we thought about cooties.
When we were children there was so much to do
We laughed and we ran and we went to the zoo.
Only one thing amiss, only one thing I'd change.
Only one thing important that I'd rearrange.
When we were children we'd jump 'till we flew.
But when we were children I didn't have you.

"Lost Honeymoon” by AndrewStorm

We met at the Seven-11,
Just South of that turnpike to heaven,
From the moment we touched, I had hearts in my eyes.
I was shopping for applesauce,
You for hand-sanitizer,
We didn't buy either,
Instead we took a flight to Kilimanjaro and got lost.
We made snow angels in the blizzard,
Until our tears of laughter froze upon our cheeks,
Then on the boat back passed Turkey,
We both caught bouts of scurvy,
But I won't complain about being bedridden with you for a week.
You never got that hand-sanitizer,
Or I, my applesauce,
Instead I brought back home the best thing,
That I'd ever bought.

Thanks again to everyone who submitted, and happy V-Day!


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  1. Part of 'for you' was placed in 'Lost Honeymoon'. I think you guys should fix that as I'm sure it was an accident.

  2. Great catch Ezzy, the mistake has beed fixed!


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