911 Writer's Block Challenge Results


911bookcover There was another great turnout for the 911 Writer's Block Challenge, a big WEbook thanks to everyone who participated! We will be adding many of your submissions to the 911 Writer's Block tool beginning in April. Those of you who made the cut will be notified via private message soon. Even though we've announced the winners and cleared the entries, the project will stay open and we'll add any new, stellar submissions to the tool on a rolling basis, so keep
them coming!

The WEbook editorial staff picked the best three block-breakers, and we awarded these authors one free submission to PageToFame.

The winners are...

#1. Sbird--A Dramatic Entrance, Diagnosis 
#2. Quinylynnd--Setting, Loss of Electricity
#3. SteveCouto--Setting, Victorian Home

Congratulations to all the winners! Keep an eye on the 911 Writer's Block tool to see the rest of the stimulating ideas WEbook users came up with. 

All title palooza It's also time to announce the next writing challenge: "The First Paragraph-a-palooza." For this challenge, authors must write a paragraph that starts with the words,

"Two days into the new year, I..."

The rest of the paragraph can be about anything, max 100 words (shorter is welcome). The best entries will reveal at least one specific aspect of the narrator in a creative and concise fashion. The deadline to submit is March 31, 2010!

Need some inspiration first? Check out a few great first sentences here!

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