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PoetsandWriterslogo-1 PageToFame has shown just how important a good first page is. A good book can easily go ignored if it doesn't also have a good start. Well, every eye-catching first page begins with a fantastic first line, so in our ongoing partnership with Poets & Writers, we'd like to share some more great first lines from a few recently published books. See our previously posted first lines here.

"Jacob stood in the barn mouth and watched Edna leave the henhouse."
Burning Bright (Ecco, March 2010) by Ron Rash. Eleventh book, fourth story collection. Agent: Marly Rusoff. Editor: Lee Boudreaux. Publicist: Michael McKenzie.

"Bernice was ten when her mother walked around the block naked."
Hot Springs (Tin House Books, February 2010) by Geoffrey Becker. Fourth book, second novel. Agent: Ellen Levine. Editor: Meg Storey. Publicist: Deborah Jayne.

"The preacher came up the dusty road followed by the girl pulling the wagon stacked with bibles."
Lamb Bright Saviors (University of Nebraska Press, March 2010) by Robert Vivian. Third book, second novel. Agent: None. Editor: Kristen Elias Rowley. Publicist: Rusty Shelton.

To read more lines, visit Poets & Writers. Or, if you've read a really great first line lately, post it in the comments section below! Maybe you saw one while rating some PageToFame entries?

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