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We have great news for everyone who’s not working on a novel. Or working on a novel AND something else. PageToFame “shorts” is up and  running for essays, articles, poems, short stories, blog posts, and other under-1,000-word formats.

Want to try your hand at a travel article, a business blog, an epic poem, a short whodunit, or a foodie blog post?  We’re ready to see what short stuff you’re made of. The introductory price is just $4.95. Get started here.

FullLengthIcon PageToFame Full-length entries advancing to Round 2...
As if our brand new short content wasn't enough, WEbook has also promoted the first batch of PageToFame entries. Check out some of the top titles. As the pages and votes continue to roll in, we are looking forward to promoting more grade-A writing every week!

....and full-length Judges are here!

Each elevated page will be reviewed by a judge, all of whom are
literary agents or esteemed publishing professionals, and their
feedback will be passed back to the authors. It's a great way to catch
an agent's eye! To meet the judges face-to-face (via a WEbook produced video) go here,
or click your way over to PageToFame submissions if you want to
test the writing waters for yourself!

Lastly,'s got a new look!
And as if all of this isn't enough...there were a TON of other exciting changes to the site including an awesome new navigation bar, a new personal homepage, and for the first time ever your have personalized pages for your PageToFame and AgentInbox activity and much more. Come join the party!

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