One Syllable Challenge Results


1 The WEbook editorial staff was hard at work over the weekend reading and enjoying all of the submissions to the One Syllable Writing Challenge. There were over seventy submissions, which was a truly outstanding turnout. We're glad so many WEbookers participated!

And the winners are...

#1. Now Hiring by krymsonkyng (posted below!)
#2. Stand of Trees by k8wheat
#3. Her Book by Lelluriennian

Additionally, we have decided to include two honorable mentions, who wrote
really fantastic scenes, but also had an extra syllable or two in the

'Tween Stars and Earth by meg_evonne
Home at Last by Genie_Waldo

911bookcover We're also jumping right into the next event, the 911 Writer's Block Challenge. For this one, authors are invited to come up with their own plot-freeze ice breakers. Not only will the top three entries win a free submission to PageToFame, but we'll add all good entries to the actual 911 Writer's Block tool! To enter, simply add another chapter to the 911 Writer's Block Challenge, but make sure you follow the directions!

And now, the winning entry, by krymsongkn:

Now Hiring

His desk was made of cheap steel, not wood. Liz watched the man on the desk's far side, her lips sealed tight. He leaned hard on thin arms, hands gripped to hide his mouth and keep his face stone straight. Brow knit, his gaze skipped from her left eye, to right eye, left eye, chest and back to her left eye.

"I'm not sure how to tell you this," his voice fought to be heard through his mask of hands, "but you are not quite what the shop needs right now. I know you know your stuff, and I've seen you come in all the time, but the job has been filled." Liz locked her jaw shut and willed her eyes to stop their flood lest he should see. She knew him, and she knew times were rough, but she could not give up on her dream job.

He could see her breath pick up speed. Her nose flared, her eyes filled with hate? Shame? Some sharp glare that made him bite his lip. "I thought you were a sure thing, but the boss chose to hold off 'til next month. He had some stocks fall through too. You know?" The rift made by his desk's top held him in his seat. Her make up ran. "If you send in a new app in two weeks I can try and put in the good word again."

She stood up, put on her best smile. They shook hands, and she left. The streets were sheathed in snow, and Liz' heels left the tracks of a hurt hare. From one floor up, Drew watched her cross the street, and sighed.

Thanks again to everyone who submitted to the One Syllable Writing Challenge, be on the look our for more writing opportunities, or maybe you want to do some more reading?

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  1. I can see why it won! Nice!

  2. Jeffrey Petit-Bois4 March 2010 at 05:18

    Beautiful. I love it. It says a lot in few words. Good writing.

  3. See, here, I like how you acknowledged that there were some great pieces out there, but they had broken one of the rules by having a couple words with a few extra syllables. However, instead of ignoring this fact and giving them a place in the top three, you made them honorable mentions. Now, why, when it comes to the word count in the more recent competitions, are you ignoring that rule and giving people who went over the word count placement instead of making them honorable mentions? I just don't get why the rules no longer matter.


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