PageToFame Promotion Time


Pagetofamelogo The first round of first pages have been promoted!

The WEbook community has been busy rating and WEbook staffers are  now promoting the first “first pages”!

ThumbsupBIG If your submission is still being actively rated, then your page has not yet received enough votes for a decision to be made. We look forward to elevating more and more entries in the coming weeks as ratings continue to roll in.

The PageToFame judges are also ready and waiting to rate the initial pages. Go here to get a sneak peak at them!

To add to the excitement, today is the LAST DAY to submit your page and be eligible for one of the three $1,000 prizes!  We know that everyone is excited to find out who will win, but remember: All pages must get enough votes before we can determine which entries are eligible.

We will keep you informed as soon as more information becomes available, so check back soon!

If you haven't ridden the PageToFame train yet, now's your chance to hop on board.

Have any questions? Check out the forums or post in the comments sections below, and we’ll do our best to help.

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  1. (WeBook + PageToFame) * (contributors + reviewers) + Round 1 promotions = Awesomesauce!!

  2. Thought for sure Kenneth Wright was going to be one of the reviewing agents. Good thing there was never any money riding on it.

  3. Can't wait to check back soon for more information.

  4. I think this contest, along with most others on the internet are nothing more than a way to boost traffic to the accomodating sites.
    True talent never makes it, the ones who need serious editing/proofing does. What does that say?


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