PageToCash +15% Off Entry Fee!


#12 Thowing MoneyExciting news! $1,000 is up for grabs at WEbook. The highest rated first-page submitted to PageToFame before April 30 (and after March 1) wins! If you have the highest rated page, YOU WIN $1,000! $1,000 Check. In your mailbox. ALL YOURS! Think of the 100 PageToFame entries you could buy with that!

To save a bit of cash on the front-end, use the coupon code PRIZ01 to get 15% off the entry fee. So get to it! (All pages submitted after March 1 are automatically eligible to win.)
We will announce the top three highest rated pages submitted before March 1st soon, we're just waiting on the last few pages to be elevated to the second round. Keep your fingers crossed, $1,000 might arrive soon if you submitted before March 1!

Not a writer? More of a reader? Decide who gets the cash. Rate now!  And don't forget to tell your friends!

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