The Inanimate Object Challenge Results


#17 Red Pen Yet again, there were well over 300 hundred submission to the bi-weekly writing challenge. Great job everyone!

This challenge was one of the most difficult we've had so far. It was hard to balance describing the objects function and attributes while also giving it a colorful personality, and all in 100 words!

Nevertheless, you persevered and submitted a lot of fantastic entries. We chose three paragraphs that bestowed a powerful personality onto their object, but also took some extra steps towards creating larger and unique world for their objects.

<drumroll>And the three winners of PageToFame coupons are...</drumroll>

#1. Creamed Misery by DonCanti
#2. The Warrior Fork by AMYehuda
#3. A Spatula's Life by Bindi

Congratulations to the winners! You will receive your PageToFame coupon via a WEbook message.

The Next Challenge:

Similemetaphor For those who didn't win never fear, a new challenge is here! The Metaphor or Simile Challenge. This challenge is also inspired by Louise Doughty's writing guide gem, A Novel in a Year. The premise is simple: write three sentences (max 100 words) and include one metaphor or simile within your text. The rest is 100% up to you!

This may sound simple and easy, but we assure you, not all metaphors and similes are created equally. So take your time and craft one with some kick. The WEbook editorial staff will review all submissions, pick three winners, and award them a coupon for free entry to PageToFame (a value of 9.95!). Join this project and start a new chapter to submit! Deadline is April 22nd!

Before you go, check out DonCanti's winning entry:

Creamed Misery
Welcome to the final darkness. I'm the oldest in our miserable cave. I've seen five generations come and go; chosen one or two at a time by the hands of the gods. Soon after they are pulled away, we can hear a sharp grinding sound; screams ignored by those giant beasts. We never know when it will happen, but it always does. Some come here laughing, thinking it's paradise. Those ones should be labeled canned morons! I've been ready for my turn long ago, but it never comes. Do the gods hate me? Why do the gods resent creamed corn?!

Need some inspiration for your metaphor? Try reading a few PageToFame entries, and see if lighting strikes you!

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  1. Congratulations to all of the winners!

  2. Congrats to the winners! There were so many great tales of inanimate objects. I enjoyed reading all of them. I'm learning a lot being here. Thanks everybody for your participation.

  3. Congratulations Folks :) Great stuff xXxXx

  4. I just love these contests! Great job all, and congratz to the winners.


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