The Metaphor or Simile Challenge Results + New Challenge


Similemetaphor  This was a shorter challenge than usual, only open for one week, but there were still a boat-load of good submissions. 

This challenge was deceptively difficult. While it's easy to compare one thing with another, it's much harder to make that comparison work in a way that enriches a reader's view or perspective. The WEbook editorial staff chose three entires that used a metaphor or simile to expand the scope of the scene in an interesting way.

The winners are...

#1. The Forgotten Ones by Uhuru  
#2. Furball by Karpsy 
#3. The Welcome by Maggie_D  

Congratulations! Incidentally, it was a complete coincidence that two of the winning submission were about dogs, but isn't it interesting how drastically the comparison in either submission affected the tone?

Next up, The Short Summary Challenge:

This one is inspired by our larger writing competition, PageToFame. Writers should create a short (150 word max) summary for a book, and enter it as a new chapter here. This is an important step in the writing process because it forces you to decide what your book is going to be about at its core (that may seem obvious, but many people start cranking out pages without hammering this down first).

The book idea can be something you've been working on for a while, but it can also be something you made up on the spot. The most important element in this challenge is to make people want to read more!  

To get some great tips on summary writing, check out our FAQ. 

THE PRIZES: Because this challenge ties into PageToFame so well, the WEbook editorial staff will pick the top 100 summaries and award them a 25% discount to PageToFame. We'll also pick 5 summaries that we can't wait to see more of and award the authors a free submission. 

The deadline to submit is April, 30th, at 4 pm EST.

Before you go to it, be sure to read Uhuru's winning similes:

The Forgotten Ones
She came smelling like perfumed trash. I had arranged to meet her and the caseworker at 3:30pm for the pre-placement visit. I tried not to stare even though her pigtails waved like flags of defeat marking conquered innocence.


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  1. The chapters for this challenge were all really well written :) I enjoyed reading them!


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