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12ThowingMoneylogo Remember that March 1st submission deadline from oh-so long ago? Remember the messages and alerts around the site, reminding you to submit and be eligible to win $1,000? It was a while back, and no doubt some of you forgot, but not WEbook!

All pages submitted to PageToFame before March 1, 2010 have made their gauntlet run through the voting cycle, and three pages have emerged above the rest. The 4's and 5's stood out in these authors' bar graphs like Yoa Ming taking a walk through Hobbiton.

And so, without any further delay, the three winners of the $1,000 prize for highest rated 1st pages are:


Mad River by Skyval
Innocence and Arrogance by Kreeves106
Last by Crusoe

Click on the titles to see the reader and agent ratings the pages received. There were some interesting differences between the two groups!

Congratulations winners! To celebrate this momentous occasion, we asked each winner to send us a pic, and answer the question that everyone will be asking...

What will you do with your freshly won $1,000?

Caroline4crop Skyval: I will pay someone to wash all the windows in my house (I have 42 windows!), and buy paper, ink, and a shiny new red pen.

Kim1cropKreeves106: My husband and I will be using the money to take a trip to Omaha, NE where my son and his family live. I have a new grandson born on December 3rd that I have not even seen yet so winning this money is truly going to make a lot of people happy.

Andywinscropped Crusoe: I SHOULD put all the money towards my credit card bill but I'm seriously considering chartering a biplane thrill ride.

Three cheers for the winners! If you didn't make the March 1 deadline, don't fret yet. All pages that were submitted before April 1 are also automatically entered to win another $1000 (just one winner this time, though). So keep an eye on your bar graphs, and if they're looking exceptionally top heavy, start thinking about how to spend your $1000!

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  1. The professional ratings are so interesting. Truly confirms that taste is subjective. I liked all three stories, alot. Congrats to you all.

  2. I thought the 3 first page winners were not so great; I would have given them all a 3 at most; I'm glad to see that the agents thought they were so so--or at least a majority of them. But it makes me question the rating system, from the average reader's standpoint--it makes me think good writing is not going to get pushed to the forefront--that somehow people are just voting for their own work, manipulating the system (even though I read that's not possible) . . .

  3. Three great reads. I am impressed.

  4. Okay, well maybe I am missing something here. I could have done as well, I believe, if I could have used over 200 words as they did. I wrote under the 100 as was instructed. It was more of a challenge trying to write with few words, as any old amount will do. So, to be honest, I am a bit upset. I wrote a good ending, but had to narrow it WAY down to fit 100 and that was difficult. So, are they "real" winners? Or, did I misunderstand the RULES?

  5. Pam,
    I think you are confused. The above submissions were general first-page submissions, not writing challenge submissions. There is no reason to be unnecessarily upset.

  6. Thank you to the person who said that they were unimpressed. As you should be. These works are undeserving. Good writing is not recognized by this particular populace. It is apparently too clever for the comprehension of most here. Write anything that appeals to tweens and you got a winner. Write anything that you have read a million times over and you got a winner. Do not dare to show your talent, because you will be voted down for it. This rating system is an absolute joke. Winners - perhaps pay for some writing classes with your undeserved gains.

  7. Wow. The anger in some of these comments is shocking. I don't understand it, but maybe because I wasn't eligible to win anyway, but I hope that even if I had been, I'd be a bit more gracious.
    So, congrats to the winners! :-)

  8. Congrats to all!


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