The Short Summary Results + New Challenge!


Short summary graphic This was another "lightning challenge" (only open for one week) but the good summaries came pouring in all the same. Thanks for all of your great submissions! There were tons of original and interesting summaries thrown into the mix.

Writing a good summary is an art in and of itself. Not only does the premise need be engaging, but the summary must be tightly written and well paced to draw the reader progressively further into the story. 

The WEbook editorial staff chose five winners that we felt achieved this goal. Each summary offered an interesting set-up but also added a deft plot-complication within the description.

The Free Coupon Winners:

#1. My Legend by BZAlixandre
The Inner Eye by sigmundsquirrel
#3. Something Inside by CharmingMan
#4. Reciprocal by jwryt
#5. Footwear Royal by ZoeSimon

Congratulations! We hope to see some of these summaries up on PageToFame soon. If you didn't win, don't get down on yourself, the top 100 summaries will receive a 25% discount coupon soon. Watch your in-boxes! Plus, the next writing challenge is already underway and waiting for you:

A Good Ending Challenge 

The End! Since everyone just wrote the beginning/ summary of a novel, we figured the next logical step is for everyone to write an ending. Makes sense, right? 

In 100 words or less, write the end of a novel. It can be a made up novel, a partially completed novel, or a finished, polished manuscript. The key here is to make the ending interesting on its own. This is not easy (that's why it's called a challenge). You need to offer a sense of resolution, but also leave room for more things to happen off the page. Read the rest of the details and get started here. The deadline to submit is May 14th at 4pm.

Of course, if you haven't had enough summaries, you can always head to PageToFame and read some more!

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