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20100216writingchallengeblog A lot's been going on in the WEbook writing challenge world. The Character Creation Challenge went extremely well, and Paula's 911 Writer's Block Series (these have evolved onto YouTube). You can submit to Paula's latest plot conundrum right here.

And, of course, PageToFame is still going strong. We've implemented a special summer price of $3.95 for all entries, so if you've been tinkering around with something, now is the time to submit!

Qmarkpersoncrop And now, on to the winners announcements. First up, The Character Creation Challenge. We switched things up a bit this time and had Sarah Jae-Jones, editorial assistant at St. Martin's Press, guest judged this challenge. Thanks, JJ! To learn more about Sarah, check out her website or follow her on Twitter @sjaejones.

And the winners are:

Uranus Casper Phelps by vivalavida
Simone Sazz by Sabe_Cuinn
Abir Hamad by GraceNix

Sarah also chose two honorable mentions:

Oda VonSteiner by kentchapman
Christopher Hartman by ReeVera

Congratulations winners! You will receive a coupon for free admission to PageToFame via direct message.

Also, be sure to check out the next one, The Injury Scene Challenge. The deadline to submit is June 25, 2010!

Next up, we've got Paula's Writing Block #2: Killer title, no first sentence.

The winning first sentence for "The Lies You Told Me" is...

"You once told me that you loved me, but since you also once told me that soap bubbles carried wishes to God, I guess I should have known you were lying." 

—by Hyperbole. Congrats!

Paula Headshot Rolling right along to Paula's Writing Block #3: Fantastic plot, no main character. We ran things a bit differently this time, and experimented with Google Moderator on Youtube. This allowed the community to vote on their favorites, and we actually ended up with a 3-Way tie.

The winning authors for the main character creations are...

mhdubu1, gnabrookins, and 1CCCWriter

Great work you three! You will receive your coupons shortly as well (just message your penname to Bnaslund).

That's all for now, but submission are currently open for the Injury Scene Challenge and the 4th (and final!) installment of Paula's Writers Block Series. So get writing!

Before you go, have a look at the winning character bio, created by vivalavida:

Uranus Casper Phelps

Age: 22

Birth place: Honolulu, HI

Job: presently a student and aspiring astronomer who can't quite seem to pass astronomy 101

Most admirable action: keeping up her dream of studying the stars, despite the fact that the entire astronomy department at the University of Hawaii Manoa seems to have something of a vendetta against her

Least admirable action: refusing to give surfing lessons to her younger cousin, who later drowned

Greatest fear: that she'll never find out what she's meant to do with her life and never be remembered for her own work, but only as the daughter of "that couple that discovered a bunch of stars, or something"

Greatest desire: that her parents (astronomers at the Keck Observatory) wouldn't have chosen to display their ridiculous naivete by naming her after a planet whose pronunciation sounds remarkably like "your anus" and a male ghost starring in quite a few children's movies

Darkest secret: she has 26 pairs of name-brand shoes and has never once given to any sort of charitous organization

One sentence philosophy on life: My life has a superb cast but I can't figure out the plot.

Things that would drive character to tears: failing her astronomy courses one more time, just because she can't remember the difference between a planet and an asteroid

Things that would drive character to murder: someone stealing a pair of her Manolo Blahniks

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  1. Out of curiosity, what happened to the one-entry-per-person rule regarding the Character Creation Challenge? Sabe_Cuinn seems to have two...

  2. Golly! Will these challenges ever be fair??? First, people are allowed to break the word count rule. Now, there is someone who had two entries up when the deadline expired. I mean, I usually post two entries so people can help me choose which one I should actually keep, and then I delete one before the deadline. But, if people keep more than one entry up, it increases their chances of winning, undermining the other contestants who follow the rules. It's sad really, but congrats to those who win fairly.

  3. Some of a you have noticed that one of the winners submitted twice to the Character Creation Challenge. This is a violation of the rules, and we apologize.
    Thanks for catching this, it was a mistake on our part. We decided not to complicate things, so we aren't going to change the winners (after all, this an Olympic gold medal).
    Let's all try to follow the rules in future challenges, and we will do a better job checking submissions.
    Thanks again,

  4. Thank you so much for replying to our commments. It's very reassuring, knowing that we are heard.


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