The Flash Fiction Challenge Results + New Challenge


Flashfictionlighting Flash fiction is a hard beast to pin down. Not really a vignette...but not a short story, either. It's sort of like a mutant fiction child type thing—existing in many worlds but a part of none.

Anyway, thanks for all of the great flash fiction submissions. WEbook had a great time reading them and being temporarily sucked in to so many different and interesting stories. When picking the winners, we looked for entries that had crisp writing, but also indicated a larger world behind those sparse lines of text.

And the winners are...

The Invasion by Leo1
Needlework by cherry_pie
Last Right by mellasa

Congratulations! You will receive your PageToFame coupon via site message soon.

Before getting into the next challenge, WEbook is trying something new with Paula's 911 Writers Block and Google Moderator on YouTube. It's a writing/ type of science experiment! Check out the details here.

 And, as usual, we already have the next challenge up and running, which is...

The Character Creation Challenge

Qmarkperson For this one, authors get to fill out some creative biographical information about a fictional character. To make things even more exciting, this challenge has a guest judge: Sarah Jae-Jones,(@sjaejones) editorial assistant at St. Martin's Press. She will pick the three characters she feels are the most compelling, and we'll give each of the creators a free coupon to PageToFame!

The deadline to submit is Friday, June 11th, so get writing!

But first, be sure to read through the winning flash fiction entry by Leo1:

The Invasion

A million years ago they seeded the Earth with breeding stock.  For the last two centuries they monitored our communications, calculating whether we were numerous enough to make a harvest practical.

Now they were on their way.  A thousand starships hurtled toward the small blue planet that was third from the yellow sun.  Inspired by an old television program, they joked about the many ways "To Serve Man."

They landed in an Iowian field among tall golden trees of wheat.

"Look up," cried the Grand Admiral. He pointed toward the immense shadow that slid in above them.

Then the centrifugal whirl of a threshing machine crushed him and his starship.

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  1. Congratulations to everyone who entered the competition, but once again, not all the winners were under the word count. Granted, second place was only over by 2 words, but how hard would it have been to knock out 2 more words? I just don't get the complete disregard for the rules by both contestants and the judging staff.

  2. says that the winners will be announced on the blog on june 1... it's the 4th... am I just missing it someplace? please help me!


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