The Injury Writing Challenge Results + New Challenge


InjuryThe WEbook editorial staff has been hard at work reading all of your great submissions. As always, thanks to everyone who participated in this writing challenge! The injuries described ranged from deadly to minor to just absurd, and we enjoyed reading them all.

When picking the winners, we looked for entries that revealed something unique and engaging about the injured character. This was a tall order, since the writer needed to juggle the injury's description with some character development. 

And the winners are:

Slice of Life by M_A_Granse
Runway Mind by Charlainej
Ring the Bell by dfmatthews

Congratulations to all of the winners! You will receive your PageToFame coupon via direct message. We hope to see more of your great writing among those first page submissions!

LiarNext up is
The Liars Challenge. For this one, writers must write a short scene of dialogue between 2-3 characters where one of them is caught in a lie.

This is a useful challenge because a great way to develop a character is to show them withholding the truth. Everyone (except George Washington) lies occasionally, and we all do it differently. What will you show us about your character?
Submit here.

Or, if you're up for a video challenge, check out Paula's latest Writer's Block Conundrum!

But before you go, check out M_A_Granse's winning entry to the Injury Scene Challenge.
Slice of Life

The cold-pressed turkey loaf slid back and forth in the archaic slicer like a hypnotist’s pendulum, sloughing the shavings below. She was too apathetic to yawn at the monotony, her robotic hand pushing with gravity alone on the meat as it slowly whittled down.
Zhing, zhing, zhing. Back and forth.

Her trance was unbroken with the tug on her fingernail. Only a motor hiccup, a dusty recording in the back of her mind dismissed.  Zhing, zhing, STING!

She started, whipping her bleeding hand away, wincing at the two shorn tips of her middle fingers. The loaf slid back and forth. She stared at the blood snaking down her raised arm, the one ribbon of color in her drab existence. Absently grabbing a stiff brown paper towel, she paused a moment to admire the change in routine, and wryly laughed that she would be serving more than turkey that day.

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  1. Excellent choices...I had actually read all three of these and thought at the time..."now there's a winner!" Congrats to all!

  2. I feel like the order should have been 3, 2, 1. If, of course, I were to keep these entries.

  3. Thanks Paula, glad you enjoyed the winners!

  4. Thanks Webook for making my writing seem like it could go places when you named 'Ring the Bell' a winner in this challenge. I can't tell you how hard my heart is beating right now while I'm typing this. If you asked me fifteen years ago if my writing would even garner any attention I would have sworn you were on something! To Will and Paula I'm so glad you enjoyed the piece and I hope you'll enjoy more when I post to Page to Fame. Thank you once again and happy reading!!!

  5. Beyond awesome picks for this time around WEbook! I pegged dfmatthews' piece as one of my favorite quite a while ago and I am very happy that it got some recognition :) Great job.

  6. Thank you, WeBook! It was awesome to be picked. I must say, however, that I noticed a couple of differences between this posting of my entry and the original I posted in the challenge. I had italicized the zhing (and perhaps it is simply not possibly to format it this way here), but I also only used a period between the first string of zhings and "Back and forth." Here, a semi-colon somehow squeezed in as well. Any chance of a quick fix, WeBook? Thank you.

  7. You're welcome M.A.! Sorry about the dropped italics and added semi-colon, I've zhinged it away and put the italics back in!


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