What is WEbook?


Resizewebooklogo We're making a video about WEbook and designing some fun Twitter wallpaper…and we need your help!

We will be collecting information about what WEbook means to each of you. What better way to do this than with a photo and a short sentence? We’ll pick our favorites and use them in the video and for the new wallpaper!

KatieOutside Here’s how it works:  Everyone who would like to participate should take a photo of themselves holding a sign that starts with the words:

“WEbook is my…”

Whatever comes next is up to you, so feel free to get creative (unlike Katie). You can see a few more examples from WEbook on our flickr account.

We’ve set up a bunch of different ways to submit your photo. You can:

  • Upload directly to our flickr group (you’ll need to have an Yahoo account)

  • Tweet @WEbook with a link to your pic. Also include #whatiswebook in the message!

The first fifty people to submit a photo will get a coupon good for one free entry to PageToFame, so act quickly!

Submission deadline: July 23, 2010

Get to it!

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  1. WEbook is my freedom of speach and thought. It completely makes me feel whole as one who can contribute to Society by emotions that run rampant through my mind. WEbook is a source of release of pent up poems struggling to be placed on paper waiting to be read and critiqued by fellow writers and readers.

  2. WEbook is my pass time of allowing my words to flow like magic on paper creating a beautiful picture with words.

  3. Heather Cummings4 July 2010 at 10:39

    WEbook is my sanity

  4. WEbook is my wish come true to fulfil my dream to be a great author, along with my best friend as well.


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