A WEbook Weekend


It's been a busy summer here at WEbook, and we've made quite a few additions to the site recently. If you're contemplating a literary weekend, here are a few things to try:

Extra Feedback on PageToFame Submissions

FeedbackmachineWe've been allowing PageToFame raters to submit custom comments to 'Shorts" and "5-Page Challenge" submission. Authors are now able to see this comments, so check out your book pages to see what people have been saying. You can also check out a
highlight video or write your own comments as you rate more pages.

Add a Status Update to your Profile

If you're working on a new story, finally putting finishing touches on your epic novel, or just sipping lemonade on your deck, you can let your fellow WEbookers know by updating the status of your profile. Tell us what you're up to!  

The Memory Writing Challenge

20100216writingchallengeblogIn this challenge, authors must write a short scene where an object evokes a strong memory for a character. The entry deadline has been extended to Monday, July 26, so if you haven't had a chance to submit, you've got the entire weekend to think up good memory. Start a new chapter to
this project to get started.

In other writing challenge news, SPMount won the "Reader's Choice Award" for The Liar Writing Challenge. Congratulations, SP!

Have a great weekend, and post a link to whatever you're working on!


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