The Brand New WEbook Homepage


WEbook has a BRAND NEW HOME PAGE! Check it out! (If you want to see it live, log out and go to

Check out some of the new stuff:
Writers and Readers Wall of Fame: The PageToFame community is alive! And we wanted to show you. Now you can see all sorts of user activity! Wondering what's getting elevated? Or rated by a PageToFame Judge? It's right here! However, as is true with PageToFame in general, we don't connect the author to his/her writing until later rounds to ensure the integrity of the process. Note the locked photos.

'What Can Writers Do?" We have the reader in you covered, go rate! Now, we do a better job of outlining what's available for writers at WEbook. Including
PageToFame, AgentInbox, Community projects and of course to get unblocked: 911 Writers Block!

We're excited about the additions and improvements, but we want to hear from everyone. What do
you think of the new look?

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