The Memory Challenge Results + New Challenge + Word Cloud Fun!


The results for "The Memory Challenge" are in! There were nearly 300 submissions this time around. We were very excited about the large turnout! 

Before going any further, I know what everyone simply cannot wait to see....

It makes sense that words like "time," "back," "years," and "remember" are some of the most prominent in the word cloud. I also wasn't surprised to see the word "box" in a larger font because a large number of submissions involved a character pulling (or packing) an item from an old box in an attic or garage.

The winners: 

Gasoline and Lavender by sarahreijone
Drowning in It by tanic17
When Paths Cross by Nik_Andrew

Congratulations to all the winners! You will receive your coupon codes shortly.

Honorable Mention:

A Memory by Lorelai  

We also wanted to mention another submission we really liked, but it went over the word limit.

Tomatoes by BJMil   

Once again, we will be doing a Reader's Choice Award, so vote for your favorite submission that isn't amongst the winners. It's more fun if everyone participates, so get involved! Again, please don't abuse this opportunity by voting for your own submission (the WEbook admin-gods are watching!). 

In case you haven't seen it, the next challenge is open and ready for your next submission. Go here to enter "The 'Dear John' E-Mail Challenge."

But before you go, take a minute to enjoy sarahreijone's bittersweet memory!   

Gasoline and Lavender

She weaved the pink paisley print through her hands. The fabric was thin, almost broken enough to poke her thumb through it. The day before her father left he was wearing that pink bandanna. She never understood how a man covered in grease, whose footsteps were always preceded by the snarl of a Harley, could wear pink. “Real men wear pink” is something a woman says when she wants her husband to sport a salmon-colored tie for a family portrait.

Her father was a real man. A war called from oceans away, and when he saw soldiers faltering he shed tears like a man, kissed her on the forehead and left tracks on her heart. She took a deep breath into the fabric – gasoline masked by lavender. She could feel the heat of her father's drenched forehead. She tasted the sorrow that led her to this dusty, oil-rich land.   

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  1. Congratulations to all the winners! Very nice work! :D

  2. Congratulations to all the winners I just read your scenes and liked all three. Great writing!

  3. Alexandra Riera30 July 2010 at 10:36

    Congratulations to the winners : )
    well done

  4. I loved the winning entry – beautiful, a worthy winner.
    Second place, I liked the switch of tense at the beginning of paragraph two and back again.
    Third place, I liked the capitalization of ‘As’ in the third paragraph (you cheeky rule bender). Your employment of the pluperfect in the fourth paragraph is excellent – shows rules are there to be shattered.
    Well done to all, especially the judges, whom it must be said of, are publishing pro’s.

  5. Gratz winners!
    I liked a lot of pieces in the challenge but I liked Kitchen Door by JesseReed the best.

  6. I'm glad that WeBook is doing the Reader's Choice again. Especially with as many entries as there were (300 wow!) It's good to have a lot of eyes for choosing from so many.
    So, my favorites were "Recovery" by FinneanNilsen and "Keeping Faith" by Beruthiel. Both are deserving of some extra recognition.
    However, since I can only choose one, my vote goes to "Keeping Faith" by Beruthiel.

  7. As someone who recently joined WEbook, I'm very pleased with the diversity in memory challenge offerings. Sincere congrats to everyone and of course, our winners!

  8. readers choice for me has to be keeping faith by Beruthiel

  9. Congrats to the winners, and to the hard working judges - wow this is a popular comp! Shah. X

  10. Loved every single winner - and even though I loved my own (sentimentally), the winners certainly deserved to win! Thanks for these challenges. They are an immense amount of fun, both to write and to read!

  11. Many thanks to Cathy & Aubrie!
    My nomination for the Readers' Choice is "The Undertone" by sigmundsquirrel.

  12. There were many good ones, but I thought the best of all was the one from Maggiemacabre - Biodegradable, and I vote for that.

  13. having read the entries i must say my vote goes to biodegradeable by maggie macabre because it is one of the most chillingly realistic short horror tales i have ever had the thrill to read. nothing else comes close in the running, good job maggie.

  14. My choice for "readers Choice" is Let sleeping dogs lie, by SPMount!! time after time his wonderful pieces are completely overlooked by the judges!

  15. I nominate Let sleeping dogs lie by SPMount
    following close is keeping faith by Beruthiel

  16. I cast my 'Readers Choice' vote for Memories of Home by PurityHolmes
    She has shown a great improvement in her writing in this challenge alone. I believe she took the critisism and feedback she was given and turned it into a very good submission.
    My second choice is Let sleeping dogs lie by SPMount. His work is always at the top of my list. I believe Leonarae is correct in thought of his work being overlooked.

  17. Congrats to the winners! I have to say that my reader's choice award pick is "A Wretchedly Vile Life" by ShanaPupik. I loved the whole feel to that.

  18. One 'Readers Choice' vote for "Finders Keepers" by

  19. Fish Tank Air Pump Time Machine, by penbuddy. It rocks =D

  20. My vote goes to Maggiemacabre and Biodegradable.
    My second choice is SPmount's Let Sleeping Dogs Lie. Both stories are great works.

  21. Biodegradable by MaggieMacabre. No doubt

  22. Broken Hearts, Broken Minds by MassDaddy

  23. Biodegradable by MaggieMacabre

  24. Thank you to all for your vote here. It's been fun.


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