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Are you writing a Young Adult novel? Have you finished a Young Adult novel, and are now looking for an agent to secure a book deal and get that manuscript on to shelves?

AgentInbox has
42 agents that specialize in Young Adult/Juvenile fiction! That means they already represent some YA authors, have built connections with YA editors and publishers, and they're looking for more!

Here are tidbits about a few of our YA agents and their perspective on the genre. Go here to see the full list of the agents on AgentInbox.

SusannaEinsteinSusanna Einstein, LJK Literary Management: Susanna has worked in publishing since 1995 and is one of the founding agents at LJK. In an interview with Guide to Literary Agents, Susanna explained her attraction to YA books:
"The opportunity to be involved in that process where kids and teens discover their own favorite books is one that I couldn’t pass up. And there’s a joy and creativity in the children’s/YA market that is less present, or at least less visible, in the adult market.  I also think, perhaps naïvely, that there’s a sense of purpose, of good work being done, in finding and selling books that young people will want to read, and that’s important to me."

To see the rest of the interview, go here, or check out Susanna's WEbook profile.

Mollie Glick, Foundry Literary + Media: Mollie began her publishing career as a literary scout, advising foreign publishers regarding the acquisition of rights to American books. She then worked as an editor at Random House before becoming an agent. When
asked what qualities she looks for in a first-time YA author, Mollie said:

"I really enjoy learning something new with every project I take on. And really, what I'm looking for in anything I take on is the same. I'm looking for a book with a unique voice. I'm looking for a great plot and great characters that convey a bigger idea. And I'm looking for a book I can't put down." 

You can see Mollie's WEbook profile here, or check out one of her best known clients' book, Promise of the Wolves.

Tamar  Tamar Rydzinski, Laura Dail Literary Agency: Tamar worked at Sanford J. Greenburger Associates prior to joining the Laura Dail Literary Agency. She is also one of the honorable PageToFame Judges! In a guest blog post at Magical Musings, Tamar talked a bit about her experience representing YA:

"When I started [as an agent], I had never read anything but very literary young adult novels. Now I can’t get enough of them, and I am not talking about the literary stuff. I never would have thought that I would be representing fantasy as it wasn’t a genre I had grown up reading. And that’s the beautiful thing about publishing and books in general. There is just so much learning, exploring and discovery available."

To learn more about Tamar, check out the PageToFame Judges video, or her AgentInbox profile.

That's all the YA fun for now...stay tuned for more AgentInbox highlights. If you're currently writing a YA novel, tell us what it's about!

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  1. Hi,
    My names are Kelvin O'Ralph. I recently completed a Fantasy/YA novel, and I'm seeking representation. I'd be delighted to send whoever is interested a Query Letter. The aforementioned novel was written to continue the legacy of good books like Harry Potter and twilight.
    Kind Regards
    Kelvin O'Ralph

  2. Hi Kevin,
    To contact literary agents, head over to AgentInbox on WEbook:
    Good luck!

  3. Hi WEBook,
    My name is Jared Giesige and I am currently writing a Fantasy, Romance kind of Young Adult Novel.
    It's about two girls families fighting over a kingdom and one of the girls takes the other girls Betrothed without knowing that he is a Prince.
    Here is the weird part, The one princess doesn't know that she is a princess because she was adopted by her a lord and a lady, when they found her on the ground in the woods.
    Also, apparently the Princes betrothed is his 7th cousin, but that will need some revising.
    The House of Trewerin, will rise to power once again!

  4. hi,
    my name is Sophia Adem i am currently righting a sci-fi young adult novel and am seeking representation. i was also wondering if you do keep intouch with international writers. since my location is in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  5. Fred R. Rodriguez4 May 2011 at 06:32

    Since I retired I have a question. I have hand written a triliogy and am in the middle of revising and typing. I decided to take a class for improvement etc. My teacher wants me to rewrite in the third person yet of the last hundred ya books or so I have read are in first. Is there a guideline? Fred

  6. ...currently working on an innovative bilingual, cross cultural and interactive sci-fi young adult's project. Also happened to be an eco-project.
    The problem is the publishing format. Not paper, not really an e-reader, and not really an online multiplayer, not a website, and not quite a video game...Any suggestion?
    You see something will have to be invented, some "Skyndle" technology maybe with new innovative media pucks and truly interactive. Can you feel the buzzing attraction and obviously the dramatically
    increased website traffic between them (website managers), authors,
    (creators) and their audience (children and nurturers/homes and classes). Ah that..
    suspense...I sense the need to find innovative and
    creative ways to engage young (and old) readers and truly share a collaborative synergy.
    What are your thoughts about all this?

  7. Hello, My Name is Denise. I've been very interested in Fiction/YA and recently completed one. I was just wandering about an agent before I deal with editors and publishers.
    Please reply back!
    Thank you! Denise

  8. My name is William Cook I am sixteen years old and I wrote a book about a young boy that gets raped by his stepmother. But there is more plots to the story and every character is interacted in Adam's secret and his life. I would like to get my book published and it is hard at a young age. Thank you for my time.

  9. Hey, my name is Ann and a while back I wrote a science fiction book and I would like to get it published, I've already sent it out to one publishing corporation and haven't heard back. I know that because I'm only fifteen I have less chances of getting published, so if any agents could help me, I would be so grateful.

  10. Susan McGregor8 May 2013 at 11:07

    Hi, My name is Susan McGregor. I just wrote my first YA mystery novel (62,000 words)I have been working on the book for three years and finally seeking representation. It is the first book of five books.


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