New Writing Challenge: The Travel Scene


We hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and took full advantage of the deadline extension to The 'Cheating' Challenge, which closes to submissions at 4 pm today. 

CompassfortravelWhile we're busy picking the winners, can get busy working on the newly opened
"Travel Scene Challenge," which was suggested by XAerialJugglerX. For this one, submit a scene where a character is traveling somewhere.

As XAerialJugglerX put it, "It could vary from horrific to funny travel experiences, from beautiful descriptions of exotic lands to a thrilling first person view of a hijacking in progress."

The deadline to submit is September 3, at 4 pm, so start plotting your character's journey now. What will yours be?

Also, if you think you've got a great idea for a writing challenge, post your idea in the brand new forum. We'll cruise through your suggestions and use ones that strike our fancy.

Have a fantastic writing week!   

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