Writing Challenge: The "Dear John" Winners


20100216writingchallengeblog Thanks for all of your "Dear John" emails! The WEbook judges had their hearts broken over and over again as they read through the submissions. They're still nursing their wounds, and will be spending this weekend watching Serendipity over and over while eating chocolate-chip cookie dough ice-cream.

The tone of these entries varied a great deal. Some were funny, a lot were sarcastic, and others were sad, bittersweet, and touching. It was great to see so many different approaches to the challenge.  

The Winners:

To You, From Me by tanic17
Neck Beard by Firedrake
Ugh by hollyesque

Honorable Mention:

Hating You by Celidus

Lastly, the Reader's Choice award for the "
Memory Challenge" goes to Biodegradable by MaggieMaCabre.  

Congratulations to all of the winners, you will receive your PageToFame coupons via direct message.

There's still a week left in the next writing challenge, The "Cheating" Challenge. To submit, go to this project and start a new chapter. The deadline is 4 p.m. on August 20th, 2010.   

Have a good weekend! Let us know what you are working on! 

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  1. Congrats to the winners!
    We still doing reader's choice? "The Dating Template" by kat_saunders. Creative and hilarious.

  2. Congratulations to all the winners/honorable mention/everyone who entered. I especially liked the first one; it's very simple, yet real and probably happening in a household right now.

  3. Congratulations to all the winners and honorable mention.

  4. Is there going to be readers choice for this one?

  5. We're not going to do the readers choice award this week. Tracking information suggested that there was a substantial amount of dishonesty occurring among some voters.
    It was a tough call, but most importantly we want to keep things fair for everyone.
    We're trying to think of a way to run reader's choice so that the results are honest and fair in the future.

  6. Are you kidding me? Come on guys!!! We finally get a say in who we want to win and someone goes and messes it all up!!!
    We rant and rave about fairness and recognizing who deserves this and that, all to be dishonest in the end!? Unbelievable!
    Whoever was voting twice or mutiple times under a false name, or cheating the system should be ASHAMED!
    I really appreciated the Reader's Choice, finally getting a say about who I thought should be recognized. I hope there is another way we can do it fairly.

  7. Really!? No readers choice? C'mon people is it too much to ask for each person to only submit one vote?
    Everyone deserves the opportunities this site provides. It would be nice to not only have the judges choose. The judges are there for finding the best entries from a literary standpoint. Readers choice was for the general webook community.

  8. Congratulations to the winners and the honorable mention.
    I forgot to add that on there with my mini rant.


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