A New Writing Contest: The Micro-Autobiography Challenge


20100216writingchallengeblog We hope that everyone had an great Labor Day weekend. With all of those BBQ's to attend, it's possible that you may not have gotten a chance to enter our latest writing contest, The Micro-Autobiography Challenge. 

We've been keeping these challenges fiction oriented, and figured it was time to switch things up a bit. So for this one, we're moving into the non-fiction realm. Even better, you get to write about yourself! The details:

Autobiopic The Micro-Autobiography Challenge

Write an EXTREMELY short autobiography, max 75 words.

The goal here is to convey the essence of your life in a very short space (yes, Twitter inspired this challenge). Full sentences and proper grammar are not required. A long period of inner reflection to determine what life experiences were most important to your formation as a person may be required.  

To submit, start a new chapter in this project. The deadline to ender is Friday, September 17 at 4 pm.

As always, the WEbook editorial staff will pick our 3 favorite endings and award the authors free entry to PageToFame

If you need some inspiration before diving in, check out the winners of some past challenges, or some of our writing tips.

Good luck! 

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