First Lines by Poets and Writers: September and October


Firstlinescut Autumn is fast approaching, and with it, a big stack of new titles from various publishers. As part of our continued partnership with Poets and Writers, we're happy to share a few first sentences from some recently, or soon to be published novels. 

If you enjoy these, you can check out longer excerpts at Poets and Writers or more first sentences in previous posts on the WEbook blog. 


"It was the year my uncle got arrested for killing his wife, and our family was the subject of all the town gossip." Vida (Black Cat, September 2010) by Patricia Engel. First book, story collection. Agent: Ayesha Pande. Editor: Lauren Wein. Publicist: Martin Wilson.

"Skippy and Ruprecht are having a doughnut-eating race one evening when Skippy turns purple and falls off his chair." Skippy Dies (Faber and Faber, September 2010) by Paul Murray. Second book, novel. Agent: Peter Straus. Editor: Mitzi Angel. Publicist: Brian Gittis.

"There was a squirrel trapped in the wall behind my stove in October." The Physics of Imaginary Objects (University of Pittsburgh Press, September 2010) by Tina May Hall. First book, story collection. Editor: Deborah Meade. Publicist: Maria Sticco. 

"We were so happy." Half Empty (Doubleday, September 2010) by David Rakoff. Third book, essay collection. Agent: Irene Skolnick. Editor: William Thomas. Publicist: Rachel Lapal. 

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