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The world of Romance fiction is constantly growing. From paranormal stories filled with vampires and werewolves to historical yarns rife with imperious governors and strong-willed maidens, readers love their love stories.

WEbook's AgentInbox has 18 literary agents that specialize in Romance fiction. Since Romance is such a broad genre, with many subsets and categories, they aren't all looking for the same story—but our slick submission tool makes it easy to pin-point the agent that's perfect for you and your Romance novel.

To get you started, here are three AgentInbox literary agents who are all open for Romance queries, but have specific guidelines and tastes.  Go here to see our full list of active literary agents currently open to submission

AlexandraMachinist Alexandra Machinist, The Linda Chester Literary Agency: Before joining The Linda Chester Literary Agency, Alexandra worked as an attorney and is a member of the New York Bar. She has a B.A. in English from The University of Michigan and a J.D. from the University of Virginia. As stated in her LCLA profile, when her nose momentarily emerges from a book, she can usually be found hunting down the best noodle bar in New York or skiing fresh powder.

Alexandra represents everything from Jane Austen to cyberpunk, but when it comes to Romance, she's looking for historical and paranormal. See Alexandra Machinist's profile here. 

SallyHarding Sally Harding, The Cooke Agency: Sally ran her own agency for two years prior to merging with The Cooke Agency in 2007.  Sally is based in Vancouver, and is able to keep her thumb on the literary pulse of many different time zones (she began her career in Australia and New Zealand, and keeps strong ties in those markets). When asked in an interview at Novelist, Inc. what she looks for in a manuscript, she said:

"Great story-telling, a fresh take, an original voice. These are key, because they are the elements that excite readers. I’ll add three more factors that I look for: intelligence, edginess, authenticity. I particularly warm to stories that provide insights into our humanness."

See Sally Harding's complete profile. 

Saritza Hernandez Saritza Hernandez, The Lori Perkins Literary Agency: Saritza holds the unique (but soon to be commonplace, we think) position of E-Pub agent. What does that mean exactly? Here's her answer from an interview with Ryan Field:

"The job, I believe is really the same as a traditional agent. But having an agent familiar with electronic rights and one passionate about the evolution of publishing in the digital marketplace is crucial to the success of those authors who venture into this new frontier." 

Currently, Saritza is looking for: Erotic Romance with paranormal, steampunk, or cyberpunk elements. See Saritza Hernandez's complete profile. 

If you've got a Romance novel that seems like a good fit for these agents, sign up for WEbook and start the AgentInbox query process! Or, read some previous posts to see the other genres our agents represent. 

And for all you Romance enthusiasts, what novels are you reading right now? Anything good?  

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