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From old school greats like William Gibson and J.R.R. Tolkien to modern big names like J.K. Rowling and Suzanne Collins, Sci Fi and Fantasy have remained two of the most popular categories of genre fiction to date.

If you've written a Science Fiction or Fantasy manuscript, it is crucial that you query literary agents who are seeking submission in those genres. If you send out to an agent who doesn't accept these genres, they'll likely stop reading your query after the first sentence or two, because selling Sci-Fi and Fantasy requires specific contacts that not all agents have. 

WEbook's AgentInbox has 17 agents that specialize in Science Fiction and Fantasy novels. That means they've sold manuscripts in these genres, know tons of editors at different publishing houses, and they're looking for fresh authors to represent.

Here are some details about a few of our Sci-Fi and Fantasy agents, but be sure to check out our full list of literary agents actively seeking submissions.

SaraMegibow Sara Megibow, The Nelson Literary Agency: Sara joined the Nelson Literary Agency in 2006 as an assistant and was promoted to Associate Literary Agent in 2009. Sara accepts queries from a variety of genres—some might even call her eclectic—but check out this little tidbit from her Publishers Marketplace profile:

"Personally, I would love to work on more science fiction and fantasy books. I love complex world building that is tightly woven with intense characters and an exciting story. I loved John Scalzi's OLD MAN'S WAR and Scott Lynch's THE LIES OF LOCKE LAMORA as well as everything by Robin McKinley, Carol Berg, Naomi Novik and Stephen Lawhead."

View Sara Megibow's complete WEbook profile.

Ethan Ellenberg, The Ethan Ellenberg Litrary Agency: Ethan is a veteran of the publishing industry, having run his own agency since 1984. In some exciting fantasy fiction news, Ethan's client Karen Miller recently signed a five book deal with Orbit currently title The Tarnished Crown. If there are any Karen Miller fans out there with a similar manuscript, Ethan is the man to see. 

View Ethan Ellenberg's complete WEbook profile. 

ElizabethJote Elizabeth Jote, Object Entertainment: Elizabeth began her career at the Carol Mann Agency before moving to OE, where she has worked for almost four years. For all those writers who feel some anxiety about their manuscript's spot in an agent's slush pile, take note of Elizabeth's comment from an interview at Gumbo Writer:

"It is at [The Carol Mann Agency] that I learned the value of patience in dealing with one’s slush pile. Miracles can happen there."

View Elizabeth Jotes' complete WEbook profile.

Looking for literary agents representing Romance or Young Adult Fiction? Check out our previous posts about AgentInbox agents! You can also sign up for WEbook and get more feedback on your work from our writing community, or try out PageToFame.

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  1. Sorry, Is there any agent interested in a weird fantasy novel, but written in italian? ;-) However I have a good synopsis in english.

  2. Hi Alessio,
    All of the agents using AgentInbox are primarily representing books written in English, with contacts in North American publishing houses.
    There should be plenty of Italian agents seeking submissions too!

  3. How does one find a writers agent that is serious about promoting a science fiction novel and not just in get their rocks off by putting obsticals in your way or making it impossable by an endless list of submission requirements that nobody could possably meet?
    Thank You,

  4. lawrence marshall4 September 2011 at 01:24

    Hey people
    I am turning sixteen in three weeks and i would like to ask for some help with finding out what is needed to get a book(fantasy) reviewed at least at the moment not published. and if some one could get me in touch with an experienced writer so that i could have a little guidance in writing because i can't go to my english teachers at school.
    Thanks all help will be appreciated
    Lawrence marshall.
    If you want to contact me my email is

  5. I am an up in coming writer of a fantasy novel. It has many characters that are complex and relatable. I have been writing it for almost two years and plan to complete it by the end of 2012. I have had the help of many friends in this journey and hope to find an agent that will be as passionate with helping get published as I have been writing. My plans are to make this a 7 to 8 book series. I need someone for the long haul. I will be pursuing agents once I am done with this first book and submitting things then. I love writing fantasy!

  6. I have a ongoing script of an epic science fiction series.The first book is called The Rain. It is about a boy who lives in a massive underground cavern the main character has found a massive chasm and desperately wants to know what is on the other side meanwhile Scab Men, blood thirsty warriors are taking the underground cities one by one.

  7. Hello. Where or whom do I contact to send in a manuscript to a major publishing house? Its strictly science fiction. thanks.


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