The Character Schedule Writing Challenge: Winners!


20100216writingchallengeblog Wow! There were a TON of amazing submissions to The Character Schedule Writing challenge. If you're new to the challenges (or to WEbook) these are short writing exercises geared towards helping authors improve a specific aspect of their craft and promote a healthy discourse between contestants. 

We were blown away by the inventiveness and energy that populated these entries, it was truly a pleasure and honor to read them all. In a post earlier this week about creating original fictional characters, we stressed the importance of giving characters specific and unique details to them stand out to a reader. Nearly every entry achieved this in one way or another, offering a special quirk or behavior pattern that made the character come alive. Great job everyone!

We picked our usual 3 winners, but have also decided to include another bunch of submissions that caught our eye. This is by no means a comprehensive list of the entries worth reading, and I encourage everyone to peruse the submission pool, if you haven't already.

The Winners:  

A Day in the life of the Repo Man by E_M_Delaney
Working From Home by stuart
Wile E. Coyote by Polti 


Model of Good Behavior by OliverxHenry, Concealed Contraband by WordsAndMusic, Time to Kill by djpr, MIA. by theviolentblue, Ode to a Thursday Schedule by DragonflyGray, A Hunger by Georgehoward, The Nihilist's List of Things To Do by klemenkie8, and Battle of the Drunken Soldier by ShanaPupik

Congratulations to the winners, you will receive your PageToFame coupons soon!

Pumpkin2 The next challenge is already open and Halloween themed: The Pumpkin Challenge. If you have a spooky story in you waiting to get out, this is your chance. The deadline is 11:50 on October 31st, so if you're planning to go trick or treating, better get your submission in early!


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  1. I'm feeling good about my chances in the Halloween challenge.

  2. Congratz you guys! All well-deserved victories.

  3. Congratulations! Great job, and best of luck to all of you on your PageToFame submissions!
    EM - Your schedule was so realistic and peppered with bits of life, there’s no wonder you won! Very nicely presented, written, and well thought out.
    Stuart - My friend, you’d better get ‘un-busy’, you have a sparkly new PageToFame to get ready! The line that really got me with your entry was her placing the money into the education jar. Awesome.
    Polti- Best Wile Coyote line in history - Ignore the stuttering pig, go home to my rock, laptop:
    Thank YOU Webook
    1. For making these challenges so much fun to participate in! (I don't know who thinks these up, but you deserve a cookie - I'd request chocolate chip!)
    2. For creating such a unique environment for writers to learn, share, and perfect our craft.
    3. For the honorable mention on ‘Concealed Contraband’! (This one will have my head swelled for days!)

  4. I'm humbled by having had my piece selected as a winner in the Character Schedule Writing Challenge. I really didn't write the piece with any thought of actually winning. There were so many, truly wonderful submissions. Thanks to the folks who made the selection and those who were kind enough to offer positive remarks.


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