Where Things Come Back, by Corey Whaley: The Cover Release


Wherethingscomebacklogo I am beside myself with excitement to be presenting to my fellow WeBookers the official cover to my debut novel, Where Things Come Back. I knew right when I saw it that it was the perfect fit for this novel. I will admit that I waited with much anxiety for it to arrive, but had no doubt that my editor and the team at Simon & Schuster would come up with something spectacular.

They knew, for instance, that it was important to me to have the iconic image of the woodpecker, whose role in the novel is a catalyst for much thought, worry, and neuroses from the narrator. I also love how the unique wood grain background speaks very subtly to the novel’s location—small town Arkansas.

Finally, the dramatic lettering of the title and my name not only compliments the artwork, but also draws attention to an already attention-grabbing cover. Here it is:

Where Things Come Back
I want to say that finally seeing a physical embodiment of my novel has really brought it all home for me. I now have a near-correct visual of what my book will look like in stores and on peoples’ bookshelves. I can imagine someone holding it in a coffee shop or sharing it with a friend. These are things that I think all writers hope to one day see to fruition, and being one huge step closer, in my mind, is going to make the next 200 or so days until publication go by much faster. 

I want to thank the people at Simon & Schuster as well as designer Michael McCartney and illustrator Grady McFerrin for managing to somehow climb inside my brain without me ever knowing it and producing such a unique, exciting cover. 

On a side note: The book jacket will be printed on uncoated stock, which will give it a textured, toothy feel.  

Happy Writing, 


Corey Whaley hails from Shreveport, LA, where he teaches seventh and eighth grade English. He signed with Ken Wright, a literary agent at Writers House, last fall using WEbook's AgentInbox query service. His debut novel, Where Things Come Back was purchased by Simon & Schuster early in 2010. Read more about Corey's journey to publication, or pre-order his book!

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  1. Corey, I just happen to live in a small town in Arkansas! The book's cover does fit the 'natural' imagery associated with the state, beautifully. Looking forward to seeing this one in the stores! Also, thank you for sharing your success story, it gives those of us 'waiting in queue' hope and inspiration!

  2. Thank you so much! I have enjoyed getting to share the process with everyone! I'm so glad you like the cover.

  3. Jennifer B. Fields12 October 2010 at 03:34

    I'm so happy for you Corey! (And living vicariously, I might add.) Cherish every moment. You've earned it!

  4. Thanks so much, Jennifer! It has been, and continues to be, an amazing ride!


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