Writing Challenges: Non-Dialogue Winners!


20100216writingchallengeblog It's time to announce the winners of the bi-weekly writing challenge. If you're new to the challenges (or to WEbook) these are short writing exercises geared towards helping authors improve a specific aspect of their craft while promoting healthy discourse between contestants.

The Non-Dialogue Challenge was one of the hardest WEbook contests to date. It's difficult to portray specific thoughts and emotions without the help of spoken words, and without sounding cliche. It was nearly impossible to write a passage that wasn't full of character winks, nods, gazes, and shrugs, but the ones that caught our attention also slipped in some extra zest of original action, description, or chemistry between characters.

The winners are:

Bedtime Ritual by Michelle4Laughs
Champagne, Anyone? by CTKevinK
Opposites by Green_Regol

Honorable Mention

The Girl of His Dreams by sigmundsquirrel 

Congratulations to the winners! You will receive your PageToFame coupons in your mailbox shortly.

Schedule The next challenge is still open until 4pm on Friday, October 15th. The Character Schedule Challenge is a fun one with some more room for creative flourishing than the Non-Dialogue Challenge allowed, so if you felt cramped, now's your chance to open up! 

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  1. Wow, congratulations guys!! And best of luck with your Page To Fame as well. This was one of the most challenging, and fun, to date!

  2. Thank you, WeBook and WeBookers! And thank you, WordsAndMusic!
    I cannot help but utter a victory cry: YESSSSS!

  3. Congratulations, winners! :D

  4. I will now address the issue of my comments made in reference to a story written by Paula_Beatrix. It appears that a member has taken them quite to heart, and was offended. So much so in fact, that he/she has made it a quest of sorts to instigate discontent toward me.
    You have taken my statement completely out of context. I write about the things I critisized myself! I only meant to point out that Paula had managed to write such a beautiful little story without choosing the seeming most popular subjects.
    I am sorry to have offended anyone. Seeing the way it was dealt with however, was quite tacky in and of itself. PM me! Don't put it out here. Since you did, and I have allowed a week for everyone to chime on it, I have now answered. Maybe not with the elequent vocabulary you are capable of, but as best I can.
    I repeat, I am sorry to have offended anyone! As to the smart ass comments, well, no big deal!


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