The Single Adjective/Adverb Winners!


NoAdverb! It's time to announce the winners of our current bi-weekly writing challenge. If you're new to the challenges (or to WEbook) these are short writing exercises geared towards helping authors improve a specific aspect of their craft and promote a healthy discourse between contestants.

Note that we will be taking a hiatus on these challenges for the holiday season. We love doing them, but we also love eating turkey, opening presents, and munching on candy canes. Look for new challenges in 2011.

First, the #1 winner and honorable recipient of a PageToFame coupon AND a Starbucks Giftcard:

Protest by galanham

And the other winners, who get a PageToFame coupon!

Grammar 'Rules' by PennyPritchard
Arrival by shigirl 


And, as we take a break from the challenges for a while, we'd like to thank everyone who has submitted an entry over the past year. We couldn't do these challenges without you, and it's been a great pleasure of ours to read through your creative entries.  

Before you go, be sure to read galanham's winning entry:


See Spot run.

Tommy loathed the assignment. The class had to write a narrative containing one adjective and one adverb. How one accomplished the task, Tommy could not decide. Adjectives added color to life. Without adverbs there was no enthusiasm. That was what Tommy believed. 

See Spot jump.

What could he inscribe? An account about a dog? A yarn about running? A fairy-tale to amuse children? He wrote dreams and desires. These day-dreams wove color and excitement. Hope was not a story with one adjective and one adverb.

See Spot leashed.

Mutiny rose in Tommy’s chest. The mission was a restriction of freedom. He would smother. His creativity would suffocate. But Tommy had an inspiration. He would tell a story about one adjective and one adverb. His chronicle would shine. He would shine.

Tommy began to write. His words streaked across the sheet. They left a trail of chaos, a wildly protesting legend of furious determination.

See Spot fly. 

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  1. NO MORE CHALLENGES? They were the best part of the site! lol

  2. Wow! A Starbucks gift card too?! Congratulations you guys, well deserved wins! I laid this one out because I was focused on NaNo - but no one told me there was potential coffee rewards at the end. lol Best prize ever for a writer in the month of November! Best of luck with your PageToFame entries as well!

  3. I have been wondering when there will be new challenges, please?


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