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Hello WEbookers—

WEbook has undergone some important changes in the past few weeks, and we would like to update the community on what’s been happening and the motivation behind our decisions.
As many of you have no doubt noticed, we recently launched advertisements on certain areas of the WEbook site. We decided to implement these ads to help cover the costs of and maintaining the WEbook community. Like any business, we require revenue to keep our doors open, and advertisements will be a helpful source of capital as we move forward. 

We made considerable efforts to deliver advertisements that are highly relevant to the majority of our users, and so far believe that we have succeeded. We will intermittently refine and adjust the types of advertisements we serve on our site to ensure we are providing useful information to as many people as possible.
Some users may have also noticed a decrease in activity on WEbook—both from users and our blog contributors. A large part of this slow down was caused by the holiday season, when book publishing by and large shuts down, internet activity in general drops, and many people go on vacation. Our blog contributors were in the latter category, but we expect to have them back and plugging away at their keyboards soon. 

PageToFame is also humming along nicely. We’re getting ready to send out the Agent Showcase, featuring Round 3 winners to literary agents. We expect that the extra attention and the endorsement based of the PageToFame results will help authors find representation. There are no plans to build more parts of PageToFame beyond than those that already exist, but it still offers the same promise it did at the start—a large number of readers (100+) rating your first page, some more serious readers and comments in Round 2, and even more feedback in Round 3. 

As always, we encourage all of our users to share PageToFame and WEbook in general with their friends—both through social media and word-of-mouth—to help participation in PageToFame continue to grow. 

We believe that 2011 will be an exciting year for the writing and publishing world, and look forward to events that lay ahead.

—The WEbook Team 

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