The Monster Creation Writing Challenge

20100216writingchallengeblog After a holiday/winter hiatus, the WEbook writing challenges have returned with an earth-shattering wave of vengeance! Hurrah! We're excited to be back, and look forward to the next round of submissions. Let's get down to the details: 

The Monster Creation Challenge

For this challenge, authors are to create and describe a monster in 400 words. Obviously, the definition of a monster is open to an array of interpretations, and we'll consider all of them. You might create an enigmatic water-beast that preys on seafaring travelers, a Frankenstein-esque creature of patchwork horrors, or perhaps a psychopath who torments his victims with grotesque mind games (Saw). 

IStock_000010044269XSmall The key to this challenge will be in the details rather than the broad strokes. Monster-related fiction has quite literally existed since the beginning of the written word (The Odyssey, The Epic of Gilgamesh) so it's fine to be derivative in the concept of your monster. However, your description should shine like a fresh button or plucked eyeball (yeah, they shine). 

The format of the description is also completely up to you. You could use a monologue, a Wikipedia-type article description, a third party description, or anything else. The format you pick will both restrict and open your options, so we suggest thinking carefully and even trying a few different possibilities to decide which one you find most effective to describe your creation. 

The WEbook editorial staff will pick our 6 favorite submissions and award the authors free entry to PageToFame. We will also catapult them into a world of fame and riches by highlighting each of them on the WEbook blog and writing about how awesome they are.

To submit, start a new chapter on the Monster Creation Challenge Project. The deadline to submit is February 28, 2011. A few more guidelines are noted on the actual challenge page. Take heed of them!

Best of luck to you all,

-The WEbook Challenge-Wardens 

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